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Apr 052017

The LEGO features just keep on coming. In LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, Superman meets up with Bizarro. Now I never really understood who Bizarro was before when I saw him on Superman the Animated Series. It turns out that he’s a clone that thinks backwards.

In this version he’s not such a bad guy. Since Bizarro is so backwards, he ends up harming the citizens of Metropolis when he means to help them. As a solution, Superman sends Bizarro to a backward planet that’s uninhabited. However, Superman was creative by naming the planet Bizarro World and using the many radioactive rocks to build citizens and left Bizarro to build homes for them.

Next we get to a more exciting scene. The Justice League battles Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, the Penguin, Deathstroke, and Captain Cold. As great as it is to see these characters, they don’t return once they’re caught and I find that a bit disappointing.

Of course the real focus is on Bizarro when he returns to Metropolis and creates clones from Justice League members Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg. They are just as backwards as Bizarro and go by the names Batzarro, Bizarra, Greenzarro, and Cyzarro.

It turns out that there’s trouble in Bizarro World, so the Justice League and their clones go there and discover that Darkseid is stealing the radioactive rocks to power a weapon to take over the galaxy.

I met Tony Todd, the voice of Darkseid, at Vulcan Events 2010.

When the Justice League arrives, their powers are affected. Wonder Woman is clumsy, Cyborg falls apart, Batman’s gadgets don’t work, and Green Lantern can only make chickens. At least it’s better than Greenzarro’s teddy bears.

Oddly, Superman isn’t affected and frankly neither is Darkseid. Could it be because they’re not Earthlings?
Darkseid’s first stop is Earth. Luckily, it’s protected by other Justice League members like Hawkman, the Flash, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man. It’s nice to see these characters also.

This was an interesting LEGO feature, but like in the previous one (Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super heroes Unite) Batman doesn’t trust Superman. It’s so annoying how the issue just drags on while hearing Batman’s thoughts throughout.

Dec 312010

As the year 2010 comes to an end, I would like to say that this has been a great year for me attending conventions. Let’s review some of the highlights.

MegaCon 2010: This was a huge turnout, particularly for the sci-fi genre with stars like Robert Picardo, Kristanna Loken, and Lea Thompson.

Vulcan Events 2010: Over in Tampa was a convention devoted to Star Trek. The main stars I met there were Tony Todd and Christopher Lloyd, who also each had a Q&A.

BotCon 2010: Next up was a convention devoted to the Transformers franchise, which was an even bigger turnout than I expected. I met voice actors Scott McNeil and Paul Eiding, as well as singer Stan Bush.

Nerdapalooza 2010: It’s not actually a convention, per se. This was a music festival with creatively comedic artists like Rappy McRapperson and Kirby Krackle, who sing about things related to convention genres like sci-fi, superheroes, video games, even D&D fantasy.

Anime Festival Orlando 11 2010: This convention was definitely a good one. It was more of a Power Rangers convention. I met some voice actors and Power Ranger actors. David Yost also had an excellent Q&A, which was one of the most favorite things I did.

Star Wars Celebration V 2010: Now here was a convention that I knew would have a huge turnout. There were many areas with Star Wars exhibits and memorabilia. I also got to meet some of the stars from the franchise like Jay Laga’aia and Mark Hamill.

Spooky Empire 2010: Then came another great turnout at this horror convention with stars like Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Tom Towles, Linnea Quigley, and Danny Trejo. There were also great presentations about horror in video games and Disney’s Haunted Mansion with author Jason Surell.

This was a great year for conventions. I enjoyed writing about them and sharing my fun. Happy New Year, everyone!

May 072010

In the action comedy movie Suburban Commando, wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan stars as Shep Ramsey, an intergalactic warrior on the run from bounty hunters after escaping from his nemesis General Suiter (William Ball). Shep’s ship runs out of power and he must recharge it on Earth. Even though Shep hates earthlings, he makes the most of it.

After Shep lands on Earth, he finds himself in an abandoned skating ring. Then he walks through a suburban neighborhood, but looks too conspicuous in that armor. So he takes some clothes from a guy who was mistreating a dog. The transition was so quick and smooth, it’s funny.

Shep finds an apartment for rent and that’s where he meets mild mannered architect Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd), his wife Jenny (Shelley Duvall, who I remember best as Olive Oyl from Popeye the movie), and their two kids, Mark (Michael Faustino) and Theresa (Laura Mooney).

Charlie is uneasy about Shep, so he snoops around in his stuff and finds all sorts of unusual weapons. Later that evening he follows Shep into town. Shep has quite a few misadventures that are hilarious. Some of my favorites include a car alarm that irritates Shep, so he breaks it. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” And there were also a couple of times when Shep meets a mime and “helps” him out. “Glad I could help.”

Meanwhile, Charlie messes around with Shep’s armor and loses one of his weapons to a couple of thugs. Shep gets angry when he finds out and makes Charlie help retrieve it. As it turns out, the power sources are traceable and now the bounty hunters from outer space Knuckles (Tony Longo) and Hutch (Mark Calaway) have come for Shep. I guess the flying skateboard wasn’t too conspicuous?

Those bounty hunters are a couple of really bad dudes who would destroy the world just from listening to ice cream trucks. Talk about sensitive. It’s hilarious when the bounty hunters stop at a drive thru in a “Just Married” car and blast the speaker who annoys them. Surprisingly, they have wimpy voices. “No wonder you guys never talk.”

After Shep defeats the bounty hunter tag team, General Suiter comes to Earth and kidnaps Charlie and his family to get to Shep. Then it all comes down to the final confrontation between Shep and Suiter. It gets even more exciting when Charlie comes to Shep’s aid.

I met Christopher Lloyd at the 2010 Vulcan Events Convention in Tampa. He was a nice guy. After getting my photo with him, my sister and I went to his Q&A. I asked Christopher Lloyd what it was like working with Hulk Hogan in this movie. He just laughed and said, “It was a farce. I mean, the Hulk is the Hulk.” He also remembers sitting in the dressing room with Hulk and some of his friends, who had smaller parts in the film. They were like 250-300 pounds, which made him feel like a midget. However, he has no regrets about this movie. Hulk Hogan was great to work with and felt that it was a wonderful and unique experience.

This is a real classic movie. Hulk Hogan is a great comedic actor as well as a great wrestler.


May 052010

In the remake of the original 1968 horror classic, Night of the Living Dead, a small group of people are trapped in a house while trying to survive an army of zombies. Here’s the thing. There’s no clear explanation on how these zombies came to be. Grownup siblings, Johnnie (Bill Mosley) and Barbara (Patricia Tallman), visit their mother at a cemetery. Then all of a sudden… Zombie attack!

On a side note, I hardly recognized Bill Mosley in this movie because he looks a lot different. You’ve got to admit he sure was funny while trying to annoy Barbara.

Anyhow, Johnnie gets killed, but Barbara escapes and finds the house to hide in. Of course it would help more if she had closed the door. I know you ran a long way from the cemetery (with no shoes on), Barbara, but the zombies will catch up to you. They never give up once they see fresh meat.

Luckily, Barbara is not alone. Another survivor soon comes along, Ben (Tony Todd), who can fight zombies single-handedly. That sure helped Barbara step up.

I met Tony Todd at Vulcan Events 2010. He was a really nice guy. As my sister and I were taking this photo after getting his autograph, he asked about my blog. Tony Todd also mentioned that the last convention he was at in Orlando was Spooky Empire back in 2006 and hasn’t been invited back since. What’s up with that?

While searching for guns around the house, Ben and Barbara find other survivors who were hiding in the cellar. Ben decides to take charge to ensure everyone’s survival. Unfortunately, total jerk Harry Cooper (Tom Towles) is against it. He thinks everyone will be safer in the cellar, but Ben only sees it as a death trap. I’d have to agree with Ben here. One could starve to death contained in such a small space with no other way out.

Everyone tries to board up the windows with spare doors, which seem to fit perfectly. That’s a good thing because not only does the tactic work to keep out rampaging zombies, but it can protect against hurricanes also. That is, if there ever was any.

Soon Ben checks the TV to see if there’s anything about the zombies on the news, but all it shows is the Emergency Broadcast System, so it must be big. Later, Cooper finds the news on, which has a few theories on the cause of this zombie epidemic. They say it could be anything from the Ozone layer to mystical organisms from outer space. Nothing is certain.

Part of the escape plan is to fill up the gas tank of a truck with the gas pump outside, but it’s locked. Once the keys are found, Tom (William Butler) attempts to unlock it. Then he finds out that they were the wrong keys and in desperation shoots the lock off. What an idiot! He just blew himself up. Then it only gets worse from there.

Tony Todd had also mentioned in his Q&A that he reprises his role in the upcoming animated feature Night of the Living Dead Origins. The first choice for the role was a rapper, but it didn’t work out.

This was a pretty exciting horror movie. However, when the zombies were feeding on all of those dead bodies, it was enough to make me want to gag. Ugh!

May 032010


Hey, everyone. I just recently came back from Tampa, where I attended the first Star Trek convention I’ve ever gone to. It was called Vulcan Events. Each of the celebrity guests who were there were cast members from the Star Trek franchise. The biggest star who was there was Christopher Lloyd, who is also best known as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy. In dedication to that, there was a replica of the delorean as well as a money jar where you can donate for the Michael J. Fox Parkinson disease fund. It’s a really nice cause.               

Coincidentally, there was another delorean in the parking lot. What are the odds?

Among the stars I’ve met was Sally Kellerman, who was very nice. She has been in a few sci-fi shows like the original Star Trek and The Outer Limits. Believe it or not, she was also the voice of Miss Finch from the Sesame Street’s Follow That Bird. While getting her autograph, I told her that I remembered that role from years ago. Then she told me that it was the only voice over she had ever done and that it was a good movie. 


I also found a couple of cool Cosplay characters. At first I thought that the blue one was that blue girl from Farscape, but she was actually an andorian from Star Trek. I know that they are different characters, but they sure look similar to me. 


The vendors had Star Trek memorabilia by the ton. I’ve never seen so much of it in one place before. They even had old issues of TV Guide, which had Star Trek characters on the covers. 


I remember the Klingons having those weirdly shaped foreheads, which I thought were pretty cool. Take Lieutenant Worf for example. His forehead was amazing. It looked like a Mohawk. 

The other stars I’ve gotten to meet were Christopher Lloyd and Tony Todd who each had a Q&A. Here are some of the highlights I liked best. 

Tony Todd had a good time on Xena: Warrior Princess playing Cecrops. In fact, there was a possibility of a spin-off for that character. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out because he was busy with another movie at the time. A similar thing happened when he was considered for Michael Clarke Duncan’s role on The Green Mile


Christopher Lloyd mentioned that some of his favorite scenes from the Back to the Future trilogy were the train scenes from Back to the Future Part 3. Also he really enjoyed playing the role of Judge Doom on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but out of all of his characters, the role he would love to recreate the most is Uncle Fester. Before getting the role in The Addams Family movie, Christopher Lloyd used to be fasinated by The Addams Family cartoons that used to be in the New Yorker magazine and Uncle Fester was his favorite character. When he got the part, he was puzzled because he wasn’t the body type. Eventually after working with all kinds of makeup, it worked out very well. 

I’ll have more about Tony Todd and Christopher Lloyd on later posts real soon.