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Aug 032016
Anime Festival Orlando was awesome this year. Among the celebrity guests who attended was voice actor Gregg Berger. He had voiced some great characters over the years and was a really nice guy who enjoys what he does. Here are my favorite characters.
Image result for garfield and friends odie
Odie from Garfield franchise: Next to Garfield, this friendly unintelligent dog is the most iconic. One thing I always found peculiar about Odie is that in a franchise where all animals can talk, he’s the only one that doesn’t and there’s no explanation why. At least Odie understands what the other animals say.
Image result for garfield and friends orson
Orson Pig from Garfield and Friends: I often think that Orson is the leadership figure of the U.S. Acres because he is the most sensible of the group. Orson is also a bookworm and sometimes thinks he’s the hero of the stories he reads. The most common is his superhero alter ego, Power Pig. Of course I can’t blame Orson for wanting to play pretend once in a while since he has to put up with the hijinks of his friends, not to mention his older brothers that treat him like a runt.
On a side note: Gregg autographed my Garfield and Friends, Volume 1 DVD set while doing the voice of Orson.
Floyd the Mouse
Floyd the mouse from Garfield and Friends: We all know that Garfield is not a mouser. As a result, Floyd becomes a good friend of his. As far as I can tell, the only things that separate Floyd from other mice are his bulgy eyes and his brand of humor that works when paired with the funny cat.
Cornfed Pig from Duckman: This detective is Duckman’s partner and the more sensible member of the duo. Cornfed is highly intelligent and skilled in many ways. I can definitely tell by the way he talks, despite that he also comes off as a chatterbox.
Grimlock from Transformers (80s version): He’s the leader of the Dinobots and transforms into a T-Rex. Like the other Dinobots, Grimlock is pretty stubborn and always up for taking action. When it comes to the Dinobots, Grimlock is really the only one who stands out as an individual. It might have to do with the action figure I have with the other Transformers I’ve kept over the years.
Image result for Fantastic Max AB
AB Sitter from Fantastic Max: He’s a toy robot with the persona of an overprotective adult. AB is often intent on telling Max what to do. Of course, Max doesn’t listen. That’s what makes his rule telling so funny. AB may often be uptight, but his heart is in the right place.
What are some of your favorite characters?
Mar 072011

Dogs are well known as man’s best friend. To some heroes, they also make great sidekicks. On the other hand, there are even dogs that make great heroes themselves, unlikely or not. There were so many good ones, it was difficult to narrow down. Here they are, my top 20 favorite canines in pop culture. I guess you could call them top dogs.

#20) Astro from The Jetsons: When Elroy found this dog he was labeled as a puppy, even though he is the same size as George when standing upright. Astro can also speak English, sort of. He’s very close with Elroy and loves to slurp George. “Now cut that out!”

#19) Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 version): This is the Grinch’s companion, actually his only companion. As loyal as Max is to the Grinch, he’s not exactly a sinister sidekick. Max only does what he’s told out of fear. Why else would the Grinch make Max a reindeer? Poor little fella.

#18) Rude Dog from Rude Dog and the Dweebs: I can remember back when this character was part of a popular line of T-shirts. Then he had his own cartoon series about living with seven other dogs, who are a bunch of dweebs. Rude Dog tries to teach them how to be better dogs. In addition to his wisecracks, Rude Dog is a good leader to guide the dweebs in the right direction. It’s not easy, but somebody’s got to do it.

#17) Mr. Peabody from The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show: Now here’s an intelligent canine. He can think his way out of any situation with his boy Sherman. It’s unknown how Peabody became such a brilliant dog, but he is one of a kind, leaving his mark through history.

#16) Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons: This greyhound with a long name used to run in the dog track, but was booted out for always coming in last place. Now he’s the Simpson family dog. He’s well loved, but highly unintelligent. Santa’s Little Helper fits in perfectly.

#15) Ren from Ren and Stimpy: He is the straight half of this duo. Ren constantly has to put up with Stimpy’s antics, which drives him up the wall. However, when Ren sees an opportunity to get rich based on what comes from Stimpy, like hairballs being more valuable than gold, he always jumps at the chance. Don’t get me wrong though. Ren can be as gross as Stimpy sometimes, but at least he’s more sensible.

#14) Muttley from Dastardly and Muttley: He is the loyal companion of Dick Dastardly, but tends to be a bungler. However, Muttley has the ability to fly by using his tail like a mini helicopter. It’s very helpful when Dastardly falls out of his plane time and time again while chasing that darn carrier pigeon. Muttley always expects medals for his heroic deeds, even before actually earning them. He’s also comedic with that wheezing laugh he’s best known for, which is still classic.

#13) Ravage from Transformers (80s version): This Decepticon is a robotic attack dog, who can transform into one of Soundwave’s cassette tapes. Ravage is fearsome with his sharp claws and teeth, but is more dangerous than any other attack dog because of the missiles in his arsenal. This brings “Beware of Dog” to a whole new level.

#12) Snoopy from Peanuts: We all remember this classic beagle. Unlike other dogs, Snoopy likes to lay on top of his doghouse flat on his back. He’s also imaginative and likes to party. Of course, Snoopy’s antics can drive Charlie Brown crazy. However, he’s hilarious when he kisses Lucy. She hates dog germs… a lot.

#11) Odie from Garfield and Friends: Jon Arbuckle doesn’t just own a cat, he owns a dog too. Odie is a good pal to Garfield, despite how Garfield treats him sometimes. Odie isn’t bright and doesn’t speak like the other dogs and cats, but is very enthusiastic. I wonder, if Odie could talk, what would he sound like?

I’ll have to stop here for now, but there are still more dog stars to come. Check my blog in Part 2, where I’ll be talking about my top ten.

Sep 252010

Bumble Bee, is he "the man", or car?

One of the major attractions that was at BotCon 2010 were some vehicles that were made to look like Transformers characters; Motor Monster, Ironhyde, Cliff Jumper, and Bumblebee in their vehicle modes of course. In a way, these cars are Cosplay characters also. 

Here’s Cliffjumper getting his beauty sleep.


Ironhyde is one tough truck.


Has Optimus Prime met his match with Motor Monster?

Jul 022010

Another great highlight from BotCon 2010 was meeting voice actor Paul Eiding, who is best known as Perceptor from the Transformers cartoon series. Paul also mentioned at his Q&A that this was the first convention of any kind he has ever attended as a celebrity guest because he thought nobody cared about Perceptor.  When auditioning for the role of Perceptor he thought of a C3PO like character and didn’t know if the creators were originally looking for a british accent or not.   During his Q&A he mentioned a few of his most memorable characters (besides Perceptor) included; Smurfs, Toxic Crusaders, Ben 10, and a variety of voices he did for Pixar.  When asked “How do you get paid as a voice actor?” Paul replied “You beg.”   Paul was highly entertaining, in the photo below he stood on the rung of his stool so he could be closer to my height.   Great guy.      

          To conclude BotCon week, here are some more Cosplay characters with well made costumes…        


Grimlock Cosplay


Perceptor Cosplay

Perceptor vs. Megatron: Who do you think would win the battle?

Ravage Cosplay


…As well as some fan art.            


Do you recognize this character?

Jul 012010

Stan Bush is a musician who was at BotCon 2010. He was a real nice guy. Stan is best known as one of the main performing artists on the soundtrack album from the 1986 animated Transformers movie. The songs he performed were “The Touch” and “Dare”. I had him autograph my copy.

There was a lot of great music on this album that came from the movie, which includes several instrumental tracks from composer Vince DiCola. Other artists include N.R.G., Spectre General, Lion (who performed the Transformers theme), and Weird Al Yankovic. Now who would’ve thought that Weird Al would be on a Transformers album with his hit song “Dare to Be Stupid”?