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Sep 282016
Many pop culture villains are straightforward with their evil plots. Then there are ones that use a more creative approach to either terrorize the innocent or force the hero(s) to alter their tactics when challenged. Here are some of my most favorite interesting villains who stand out in that unique manner.
#10) Cheapo from Stripperella: Of all the villains on this series, he is the most unusual because he’s very cheap as a crime lord. Cheapo’s resourcefulness is based on how he plans everything the cheapest way possible. However, it affects his common sense. So much so that his own henchmen appear to be smarter then him. Seriously, what criminal mastermind prefers copper to gold?
#9) Floatzart from Ghostbusters (1986 version): This ghostly maestro uses music to subdue his victims, whether it’s to conduct ghosts with his baton or play his float flute that’s made from a long bone. Very little is known about Floatzart since he was only in a few episodes and, like the other evil ghosts, his background from when he was alive is not revealed. I do like his style though. He is one of few musical villains that aren’t annoying.
#8) Leaky Faucet from Power Rangers Zeo: Many of the monsters on Power Rangers normally don’t stand out too often because they’re only featured once before getting destroyed, twice if they’re lucky to be brought back. In this version, Leaky Faucet is different than most. He can liquefy at will and easily sneak into water pipes in order to spread his toxins. For a machine monster, that’s quite impressive.
#7) Dr. Bad Vibes from C.O.P.S. the Animated Series: He’s a brilliant scientist that invents high tech gadgets for the Big Boss. Along with his robot companion Buzz Bomb, Dr. Bad Vibes commits crimes with unusual inventions from a circus train that can bash through buildings to speed suits that make criminals run really fast. I still can’t get over the fact that he has his brain under glass and never takes off his wild shades. I wonder why that is.
#6) Ty-Lee from Avatar: The Last Air Bender: There are many benders, but this cheerful acrobatic girl has the skill to chi block a bender’s power using pressure points. This makes Ty-Lee a very dangerous opponent along side her friends Mai and Azula. It just goes to show that Ty-Lee may be beautiful, but looks can be deceiving.
#5) Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons: Bob Terwilliger used to be Krusty the Clown’s sidekick until he was put in prison for framing Krusty for armed robbery. On each of Bob’s return appearances, he seeks revenge on Bart while coming up with crazy but ingenious plans like running for Mayor of Springfield and abolishing television, yet it’s always Bart and Lisa who defeat Bob and put him back in prison. Aside from Bob’s dangerous persona, he always ends up in funny situations. That always makes me look forward to Bob’s next appearance, since he’s only a reoccurring villain.
#4) Mystique from X-Men franchise: If there’s one mutant power that makes a villain tough to beat, it’s the ability to shape shift. Mystique is a unique mutant with smooth fighting abilities, but what really makes her interesting is that she can turn into anyone. If she turns into another mutant, she can use their powers against her opponents. It’s very difficult to see through Mystique when she takes another form. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Master of Disguise”.
#3) Live Wire from Superman franchise: She was once a radio personality named Leslie Willis. After getting struck by lightning, she became a super villain with the power to control anything electrical. Not only are her powers smooth, Live Wire can easily travel through electrical wires anywhere. What I like most about Live Wire is her witty personality. She always has something funny to say while fighting her enemies, next to Harley Quinn of course.
#2) Baxter Stockman from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise: Once again, the most creative villain is the deranged scientific genius. Stockman isn’t really a much of a fighter on his own, but he can be a very tricky adversary. Whether he’s leading an army of mousers, wearing advanced battle armor, or fighting as a mutant fly, Stockman’s skills always give him an edge that even some of the strongest villains don’t have.
#1) The Riddler from Batman franchise: Batman has faced a huge number of creative villains, but none come as close as Edward Nygma a.k.a. the Riddler. Using his brilliant mind, he comes up with brainteasers that are so advanced that they often have a double meaning. Somehow, Batman is always able to figure them out. After he does, it’s so interesting to see the different angles from the advanced riddles. I’m not sure how the Riddler comes up with those so efficiently, but it’s so cool how he can make a game out of a crime caper apart from the Joker.
Jun 082012

Pamela Anderson Lee was a hot heroine in Barb Wire. She continues that legacy as the animated crime fighter Stripperella (2003-2004). She has spy gear in the form of women’s accessories and a body that can withstand any extreme temperature.

Stripperella’s secret identity is Erotica, an exotic dancer. However, she’s not very good at hiding her secret. Erotica blabs things out loud, but covers it up quickly and awkwardly. Yet it always works no matter who hears it. Furthermore, whenever Stripperella goes undercover, she never thinks ahead when it comes to an alias.

There’s a lot of sexual related humor on this series. For example, Stripperella’s favorite charity is called Animals Need Universal Support a.k.a. A.N.U.S.. Also look for sexual puns on the signs around the city. They’re everywhere.

At Spooky Empire Mayhem 2012, I met Joey Lauren Adams. She was the voice of Catt, one of the other strippers. When I told Joey that I knew her best for this role, she mentioned that she also did several voices for Doctor Dolittle 2 and that I should be sure to look for them.

Stripperella fights all sort of enemies. Some of which are colorful archenemies like Queen Clatoris the elusive cyber villain with a face that could make anyone cringe. That’s why it’s usually hidden.

Small Fry is a short man with a huge chip on his shoulder and is highly irritable to even the slightest thing related to the word “short”.

Then there’s Cheapo the penny-pinching crime lord, who would prefer to steal copper instead of gold. Another interesting thing about Cheapo is that he sounds a lot like Jon Lovitz, but that’s not who voices the character.

It’s unknown how Stripperella started out as a superhero, but she’s always there when crime is afoot. However, Stripperella is not a loner, like Spiderman. She works as a secret agent under the command of Chief Stroganoff, who always keeps her posted.

I got to meet series creater Stan Lee at MegaCon 2012.

This is a good series with great crime fighting action, but sometimes when it comes to the sexual puns, the characters tend to babble. That gets annoying and makes me want to say, “Okay, I get it.”