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Sep 142016

Sometimes when I go DVD shopping, I find a group of DVDs that are very cheap, which look like a good deal. They’re usually old movies I never heard of before, or a series of cartoons from as early as the 1930s. On a rare occasion I find old Anime features that look interesting. One such feature is Solar Adventure.

The story line is a little hard to follow, but here’s what I can make from it. The country is divided into two zones, the North and the South, and the two sides are always at war with each other. The North wants to live under communism and the South doesn’t. After the way some of the North soldiers beat on a couple of kids, you can tell that they mean business.

The main focus is on a group of young students and their teacher on a nature study field trip, caught in the middle of things. Oddly, none of their names are mentioned, which makes it hard to identify the heroes.

Originally, this movie is featured in live action, but then goes to Anime without notice when a couple of alien children arrive along with a group of spaceships that transform into robots.

That’s right. These robots are like Transformers, but have to be piloted using emotional wavelengths. I’m not kidding. These robots look like they were taken straight from The Transformers animated series from the 80s. It’s hard to see past that.

The main villain is Siporta the space conqueror. He has teamed up with the northern communists as a way to take over the universe. Siporta may only be a one-dimensional villain, but at least his name is revealed unlike the other characters.

The action is nothing more than what you would find in a war movie, even with the robots, which is unfortunate.

This wasn’t a bad movie. The music was good, along with its level of adventure. As a war movie, it’s okay, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Much of the dialogue is very blunt and the pacing is so slow that it makes the feature feel longer than it really is. On the plus side, it’s always interesting to explore Anime titles. You never know if you’ll find a gem among them.