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Jun 062012

The masked killer Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) is back in the Rob Zombie sequel Halloween II. It starts right where the first Halloween movie left off. Michael’s sister Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) barely survives and gets treated at the hospital, but did we really have to see all of those extreme close ups during the mending procedure?

At this point you’d think that Michael Myers is dead, but as it turns out, he is still alive and slashing. He continues to hunt for Laurie and kills anyone who gets in his way. Every so often there’s a scene with completely random characters having different conversations, which are unrelated to the basic story line, but still match Rob Zombie’s brand of humor. Then all of a sudden, there’s Michael butchering everyone again.

I met Danielle Harris at Spooky Empire 2007.

However, this story line does go further than just Michael Myers on the loose. Two years later, Laurie and Annie (Danielle Harris) have recovered. However, Laurie still gets nightmares about Michael coming for her, due to lack of closure from within.

Malcolm McDowall returns as Dr. Loomis, who has also recovered from his wounds in the previous movie. Loomis is now on a book tour with his book about his adventure with Michael Myers. However, it’s not entirely glamorous for him when some people believe that Loomis is partially responsible for Michael’s actions.

Sheri Moon Zombie returns as Deborah

Things become more intense when Michael sees apparitions of his mother Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie) and his younger self (Chase Vanek). Laurie also sees them in her dreams, even when she’s awake. This causes Laurie to turn against Annie and get drunk with her friends at a Halloween party.

Weird Al Yankovic (as himself) makes a cameo as a celebrity guest on a talk show, which Dr. Loomis also attends to talk about his book. That becomes a disaster for Loomis, but Weird Al has such witty commentary during the interview.

The Halloween party Laurie goes to features great music and a comedic emcee, Uncle Seymour Coffins (Jeff Daniel Phillips), who likes to howl and tell blonde jokes. Unfortunately, Michael also arrives and Laurie sees the apparitions of her mother and young Michael again. They want her to join them so they can be a family again. Oddly, no one else can see or hear them. Soon Laurie has run out of options as Michael finally catches up to her.

This sequel was good, but gorier than before. It also featured a white horse as a term for dealing with psychosis. I had no idea.

May 232011

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is an animated movie based on a comic book created by Rob Zombie. It starts with Superbeasto (voice of Tom Papa) as a masked superhero, who is also a womanizing director and star of porno films in Monster Land.

Image result for haunted world of el superbeasto

Monster Land is inhabited by every kind of monster you could ever imagine, from classic movie monsters to horror movie killers. Many of which are highly recognizable. It’s so interesting how these various characters are featured together throughout the movie, even the ones that are only featured as background gags.

Superbeasto claims to be an artistic director, who doesn’t judge by looks alone. As he goes through the auditions, it’s fairly obvious otherwise. However, it does have its funny moments.

While filming the porno, the two sexy ladies reveal themselves as monsters. Superbeasto kills them easily. It wasn’t part of the script, but the cameras were still rolling as if it was no big deal. And I thought Heavy Metal was freaky in that department.

One of those sexy ladies was named Trixie and was voiced by Dee Wallace. Though it was hard to figure out who Trixie was because her name was never mentioned during the short time she was in the movie, even if it was a credited role.

When I met Dee Wallace at Cult Fiction Drive-in 2011 in Jacksonville, she was really nice and I asked her who Trixie was. She said, “The werewolf girl with the biggest boobs.” In fact, she told Rob Zombie that she would work for scale if she got to voice that character.

Superbeasto’s sexy sister Suzi X (voice of Sheri Moon Zombie) is an interesting character. Her fighting skills are revealed to be equal to Superbeasto when she decapitates two female guards with her bare hands and fights off an entire army of Nazi zombies all by herself. That eye patch is a nice touch to show her toughness. How Suzi X got it is anybody’s guess.

Image result for haunted world of el superbeasto

The villain in this movie is Dr. Satan (voice of Paul Giamatti). He plans on marrying Velvet Von Black (voice of Rosario Dawson), a gorgeous, but mean stripper with the Devil’s mark, in order to transmogrify into a giant beast and rule the world. The School House Rock parody of Dr. Satan’s plan is hilarious and was put together very well.

Among these various monsters are of a couple of characters from The Devil’s Rejects. I recognized them immediately as Otis (voice of Bill Mosley) and Captain Spaulding (voice of Sid Haig). Baby was shown briefly, but it would’ve been nice to see more of her with the others.

Speaking of Captain Spaulding, I got to meet Sid Haig at the same convention and he was a real nice guy.

There are quite a few HSN (Home Shopping Network) gags in this movie. If an item is slightly used, the price is marked way down from the original price. It’s a little peculiar. Don’t you think?

The cat fight between Suzi X and Velvet was awesome. With all of the guys watching, it was wild. Superbeasto was speechless too, even though his own sister was part of it. However, the singing during the fight had something to be desired.

I liked this film. It was creatively funny and great for horror movie fans of all types. Oddly, none of the women ever wear a bra. Do you suppose that’s a custom in Monster Land?

Apr 092010

Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), and Otis (Bill Mosley) are back in the sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses. This time Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe), who is the brother of the sheriff they killed, is out for vengeance. Spaulding, Baby, and Otis are on the run and kill anyone who gets in their way. The media calls them The Devil’s Rejects. In this film, Captain Spaulding is revealed to be Otis and Baby’s father. What’s different about Baby is that she doesn’t do her maniacal laugh anymore. I thought it was a good touch to her psychotic persona. 

There were some very funny scenes also. There was one where Spaulding and Baby want to stop for ice cream, but Otis is against it. He says there’s no ice cream in their future. Next thing you know, they got some tooty …fruity. Another hilarious scene was when Spaulding’s brother Charlie (Ken Foree) and his friend Cleavon (Michael Berryman) go get some chickens. The salesman gives them a hard time by insinuating that they were planning to make love to those chickens. When I met Ken Foree at Spooky Empire 2008, I told him that it was my favorite part. 


I’ll tell ya. Ken Foree is just as funny in person as he is in this movie. One thing he mentioned at his Q&A is that even though he’s a great actor, he’s labeled as a #2 guy. In other words, he does great on auditions, but keeps getting replaced by a bigger name. Most commonly, Morgan Freeman. Can anyone picture Ken Foree in any of Morgan Freeman’s previous roles? 

I also met Michael Berryman. He was the first celebrity I’ve met at Spooky Empire 2007, which happens to be the very first convention I’ve ever attended. He was a nice guy. After telling him that he was great in The Devil’s Rejects, he said, “I love chickens, but not in that way.” He also mentioned that Rob Zombie is the nicest guy and great to work with. At Spooky Empire 2008, Michael Berryman returned and had a Q&A session. He mentioned that he was a humanitarian for animal rights. “Because I have a freakin’ heart,” he said. 


I met William Forsythe at Spooky Empire 2009. He was a nice guy also and one of my sister's favorites.

 Robert Trebor, best known as Salmoneus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, makes an appearance as Marty Walker the movie critic. He loved Groucho Marx, whose death stole all the headlines after Elvis Presley died three days before. “What did you say about the king?” 

This was a great sequel. The killers may be more intense than before, but the humor is still as great as ever.

Mar 012010

I’ve been a fan of Rob Zombie since his first solo album, Hellbilly Deluxe. This monster of a film called House of 1,000 Corpses is his directorial debut. The story takes place at a small town during the 1970s. Four college teens drive through and hear about a legend of Dr. Satan after stopping at Captain Spaulding’s gas station, which also has a murder ride and tasty fried chicken. The teens go to investigate, but end up getting more than they bargained for.

There were some great characters also. Sid Haig plays Captain Spaulding, the clown who is hilarious when he swears and talks perversely, but be warned. He’s a clown you don’t want to mess with. Sheri Moon Zombie plays Baby, the crazy blonde with a maniacal laugh. Baby is part of a family of killers who go after the teens, along with her brother Otis (Bill Mosley).

My sister and I met Bill Mosley at Spooky Empire 2009. She is a big fan and we were both glad to meet him.

During the scene when the murderous family kills Sheriff Huston (William Bassett) and his deputy, a happy song plays in the background. I don’t understand why because it cancels out the mood.

After the teens get caught, Baby and Otis toy with them by dressing them up as rabbits. “Run rabbit, run!” Then burying them alive in an underground cave. The female victims sure looked cute in those rabbit costumes.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any weirder and creepier, it does. Other surprises await those who survive at this point. I have to admit though. The cave walls were well decorated for the horror look.

This was a good slasher film overall. It makes you wonder. Was the whole Dr. Satan legend really just a ploy to trap and kill people for sport?