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Feb 112011

Meet Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended Cut) (Milla Jovovich), a diseased woman who was experimented on by the government and became superhuman with smooth fighting skills. Unfortunately she needs constant transfusions to stay alive, even more than Blade needs his serum.

This movie takes place in the future, where a virus plagues the world and turns most of the population into hemophages. That means humans having vampire-like qualities. Humans are at war with them and Violet is caught in the thick of it.

The humans are paranoid when it comes to being exposed to hemophages. When Violet goes into a military medical building to pick up a case with a special weapon in it, security takes no chances. It starts with a DNA check at the front door. Then she sits in a chair strapped down by her thumbs and needles all poking into her eyes, mouth and wrists. Now that’s just crazy, but it’s not over yet.

The next test has Violet go through an X-ray scan corridor… naked. I wonder if that was just an excuse to get a good look at her. Then again, it’s very dark in X-ray scan, so not much can be seen. Once Violet finally gets to the case, she has to enter even more DNA to confirm the receipt. Good grief! How much more proof do these people need?

Violet’s amazing skills also include walking on walls and ceilings, whether it’s by foot or while driving her motorcycle. I don’t see Violet as a wacky wall walker, since she prefers back flips. Violet also has a sharp perception. When she became surrounded by a group of armed men, she dodges all of the bullets and they end up shooting each other. So technically Violet didn’t kill any of them, but she sure was graceful.

While in the elevator on her way to see her hemophage boss Nerva (Sebastien Andrieu), Violet opens the case, even though she was told not to open it. Inside was no weapon. It’s a young boy named Six (Cameron Bright), who might have a cure for the plague within him. Nerva doesn’t believe her and tries to kill Six. Violet escapes with him, but now they’re on the run from both sides.

At first Violet only sees Six as a possible cure, but soon grows closer to him and discovers that there’s something more about Six than she realizes. What an emotionally exhausting day this ends up being for her.

This was a good film filled with kick butt action. The special effects are amazing with how Violet’s weapons materialize in her hands when she needs them. If only Violet didn’t have this dying problem, then she would really be in business.