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Dec 192014

Christmas is almost here and just last weekend I attended Holiday Matsuri. It’s been a while since the last time I went and for the first time I didn’t get any autographs. That’s okay because there were some great events to see. Here are some of the highlights.

There was Geekapella, a singing group with very tight harmony. They sang about video games, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. There was even a song that was a cross between Batman and Fallout Boy called Fallout Bat. That’s pretty clever.

Another major highlight was a Q&A panel with George Lowe. He was funnier than ever as he talked about his time on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast along with other shows and disclaimers.

Sailor Scouts_resized

And of course, there was plenty of cosplay from Sailor Scouts to Disney princesses.

I certainly had a good time at this Anime convention. It was a great way to start the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Aug 082011

Anime Festival Orlando returns for another great year. Once again most of the celebrity guests are stars from the Power Rangers franchise, which makes it even more exciting.

Some of the Power Rangers stars I got to meet include Blake Foster, who was Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger, and Dan Southworth, who was Eric the Quantum Ranger.

Then I met Johnny Yong Bosch, who was one of the original classics, Adam the Black Ranger. He wasn’t very talkative, but came up with a clever idea for the photo. It was to look as if we were morphing.

It's morphin time

 The same Power Rangers magazine I took to Anime Festival Orlando last year now has another autograph.

Later, I met Wendee Lee who is best known as the voice of Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

I remember her best as the voice of Scorpina from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Wendee had an interesting story about why Scorpina didn’t last on the series. Originally, Scorpina was a fan favorite and the studio wanted to make her a bigger character. After running out of Scorpina footage used in season one, they tried to look for the original Japanese actress (Ami Kawai) to shoot more scenes. Unfortunately, she could not be found.

There was an attempt to bring Scorpina back during season two, but another actress (Sabrina Lu) played her. It must not have worked out because Scorpina disappeared completely after the one episode, even though the rangers didn’t destroy her.


Anime Festival Orlando 2011 also had a great amount of Cosplay, which included this group of Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and Kuma from Afro Samurai.

This was only part of what this great convention had to offer. Check my blog real soon about some of the other amazing events.

Jun 242011

One of the very first Anime series I remember seeing was Sailor Moon (1995-2000). It’s about Serena, a ditzy and hyperactive teenager, who discovers that she is a special warrior named Sailor Moon. Under the guidance of her talking cat, Luna, Sailor Moon must protect the world from the clutches of Queen Beryl, ruler of the Dark Kingdom.

Queen Beryl’s plan is to steal energy from the citizens of the world by sending monsters with the aid of one of Beryl’s Generals. It’s starting to sound like a Power Rangers type of series, doesn’t it?

For awhile, Sailor Moon works solo and does well, despite her whiny attitude. As the series progresses, four other Sailor Scouts are discovered as part of the team. However, Sailor Moon is still the leader, even though she doesn’t appear to be the leadership type. Her power is in her tiara, which finishes off the monsters once they’re wore down.

The first scout is Amy as Sailor Mercury. She’s intelligent, but shy, and her power is the Mercury Bubble Blast.

The next scout is Raye as Sailor Mars. She has a hot temper and a psychic ability that’s helpful when needed, and her power is Mars Fire.

Then came Lita as Sailor Jupiter. Now she’s not as bad tempered as Raye, but is a real tomboy with karate skills, which makes her a compulsive fighter with her power, Jupiter Thunder.

Last, but not least is Mina as Sailor Venus. She’s a cheerful individual, who is very outgoing. Her power is the Venus Beam Smash.

It takes a long time for the series to complete this team because each Sailor Scout was discovered separately with quiet a few episodes in between. Once they all do get together, these ladies are unstoppable.

Here I am with a couple of Cosplay Sailor Scouts from MetroCon 2011.

 photo Jadeite_20.jpg

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl goes through four generals, one by one. The first is Jadeite. He’s a master of disguise and targets massive numbers for their energy by tricking them into focusing on a particular emotion. After many failures, Beryl encases him in a crystal, condemned to eternal sleep.

Soon after came Nephlite. His tactics for stealing energy are different. Nephlite uses a “shadow” to attack his victims to steal energy from humans individually. His demise becomes more tragic because Serena’s friend Molly has feelings for him. Even after knowing who Nephlite was, she still saw some good in him.

The third general was Zoicite, who usually works with the fourth general, Malachite, who is the highest in rank. Their skills are very similar to Jadite and Nephlite, but their strategies are much more intensified.

Once Serena finds out that she is also the Moon Princess and all four generals are permanently defeated, the Sailor Scouts take on Queen Beryl herself in the ultimate showdown. However, the series doesn’t end there. New evil threats come along to threaten Earth and the Sailor Scout team continues to expand. I lost track of the series after that because it was so much better in the earlier seasons.

This was a good series with an all-girl fighting force. Unfortunately, the action level is pretty tame compared to other Anime shows like Avatar the Last Air Bender and Soul Eater. That could’ve made it better.