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Jan 102014

Monkeybone is a wacky animated monkey from a comic strip, but the real focus in this movie is on Monkeybone’s creator Stu Miley (Brendan Fraser). Stu always had terrible nightmares, but was able to overcome them thanks to his girlfriend, Dr. Julie McElroy (Bridget Fonda) who is a sleep institute worker.

One night Stu ends up in a coma after a car accident and he finds himself in a strange world called Down Town. It’s filled with all sorts of creatures, some of which are animated in the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There are some friendly creatures that Stu meets like Miss Kitty (Rose McGowan) the sweet and sexy feline waitress. My only concern is that she’s only in a few scenes throughout the movie. I would’ve liked to see more of her.

I’ve met several actors who played some of the different zany Down Town characters. They include Rose McGowan (Miss Kitty) at Spooky Empire 2012, Doug Jones (Yeti) at MegaCon 2011, and Brian Steele (Jumbo the Elephant God) at Spooky Empire 2010.

While Stu tries to cope with his situation, he discovers that Monkeybone is real and wackier than ever. Monkeybone like to perform and dive right into things, particularly Miss Kitty’s dress. I must admit that he sure knows how to hit his mark, if you know what I mean.

Stu’s only real concern is that he never had a chance to propose to Julie and tell her that he loves her. Luckily, Hypnos (Giancarlo Esposito) the god of sleep grants Stu and opportunity to do so by having him swipe an exit pass, which is what allows a coma victim to wake up. Of course that not easy to do. Since when do reapers go off duty?

After Stu succeeds Hypnos doublecrosses him and Monkeybone goes to take over Stu’s body and his life. Normally, Stu doesn’t like the idea of merchandising his creation, but Monkeybone is all for it. Of course, Monkeybone’s real task is to provide nightmares for Hypnos. In Down Town, people’s nightmares are like movies. The ones that Stu had are like big box office hits. No wonder he’s a celebrity there.

Later, Stu ends up meeting Death (Whoopi Goldberg), who happens to be Hypnos’s sister. (She’s not to be confused with Lady Death.) Normally Death isn’t so merciful, but she has a soft spot for Stu because she is a big fan of the Monkeybone comic strip. She sends Stu back to the world of the living to stop Monkeybone by simply kicking him in the rear.

Stu winds up in the body of a dead gymnast (Chris Kattan) that’s getting his organs removed by a group of doctors. What I don’t understand is why the doctors aren’t freaking out over a corpse that wakes up during the surgical procedure. Instead they chase Stu all over town to get his organs. That’s just so weird.

This was a good movie that has a similarity to Cool World. From what I understand, Monkeybone was labeled as a dark comedy, but what do you think?

Mar 152013

Highly skilled warriors have always been both inspirational and interesting heroes in pop culture. From martial artists to “chosen ones” with special powers, these ladies really make an impression with their amazing skills. Here are some of my favorites, who I find fascinating.

#10) Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) from Red Sonja: This warrior is not only highly skilled with a sword, but also has an amazing jumping ability. I like to think of Sonja as a pre-Xena kind of warrior woman, even though she is difficult, especially when it comes to winning her heart by defeating her in a fair fight.

#9) Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) from Wing Chun: Now here’s a martial artist like no other. She not only has fast reflexes, some of which are highly exaggerated, but also has a comedic wit. Wing Chun makes all of her fight moves look so smooth and easy that not even the toughest bandits can touch her. Her only limit is that she never kills. She only toys with her foes. It’s all part of what makes Wing Chun a big favorite of mine.

#8) Alice (Milla Jovovich) from Resident Evil films: Amazing combat skills and smooth moves are what make her the hottest heroine in the franchise. Whenever faced with ravenous zombies, mutant canines, or other dangerous beasts, Alice will fight it. Alice’s abilities are so extraordinary that Umbrella Corp decided to make many clones of her, which keep getting killed in their deadly obstacle course. It just seems so wasteful.

#7) Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: She was once a high school cheerleader, only to receive the strength and skill of a type of warrior called the slayer. Now Buffy spends much of her spare time battling evil supernatural beings from vampires to demons and sometimes the rebellious slayer Faith with her martial arts and comedic wit. Luckily, Buffy never has to fight alone.

#6) Helen (Gina Torres) from Cleopatra 2525: She leads the trio of freedom fighters and is the only one who can communicate with the anonymous Voice because of the receptor inside her ear. Helen is a courageous fighter, but has a personal grudge against Creegan for murdering her father. Whenever Helen faces Creegan she struggles to stay focused on the task at hand. Luckily, her teammates Sarge and Cleo are always there to watch her back.

#5) Princess Amelia (Amber Benson) from Attack of the Gryphon: She is the princess of Lockland and a noble leader. Whatever the adversary, man or beast, Amelia shows no fear, especially when there’s a task. I admire her devotion, but she hardly ever loosens up. I wonder what Amelia does on her leisure time when she’s not fighting battles, or going on quests to save her kingdom.

#4) Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. the Bride (Uma Thurman) from Kill Bill: She was a trained assassin specialized with any kind of weapon. When Beatrix decides to give up that lifestyle, she gets hunted down and nearly killed by Bill, her lover and sensei. Although Beatrix’s main focus is revenge, I sure admire her will power. Even against overwhelming odds, she never lets up.

#3) Chun-Li from Street Fighter franchise: Ever since her first appearance on the Street Fighter 2 Super NES video game, Chun-Li has always been a huge favorite in the franchise with her jumping skill, powerful kicking moves, and sex appeal. There have been at least several versions of Chun-Li over the years, but her story is always the same. She didn’t become a street fighter for personal glory. Chun-Li merely wants revenge on Bison for her father’s murder. Here are a few of my favorite movie versions.

Street Fighter: Ming Na plays the role as a reporter covering the war in Shadowloo, but also goes undercover in an attempt to take her revenge.

Street Fighter 2 the Animated Movie: In this Anime film, Chun-Li is an Interpol agent. She has the same grudge against Bison, but always keeps a clear head because she knows that duty comes before personal feelings.

Street Fighter the Legend of Chun-Li: The most recent version played by Kristin Kreuk features more of Chun-Li’s background, including how she learns to use the Hado fireball from later Street Fighter video games.

#2) Xena (Lucy Lawless) from Xena Warrior Princess: She was once a dangerous warlord, but thanks to Hercules she now uses the many skills she developed over the years to become a heroic warrior. Like Hercules, Xena travels around helping others in need while making up for a lifetime of evil. Some of her fighting moves are highly exaggerated, but I admire her strength because even while Xena is vulnerable, she can still kick butt easily.

#1) Charmed Ones from Charmed: If there’s one team of women that deserve to be on top, it’s the Halliwell sisters.

Prue (Shannen Doherty) is the courageous leader. Combined with her telekinetic powers, I definitely see Prue worthy of the title Noble Warrior.

Piper (Holly Marie Combs) has the power to freeze anything in its place. Her powers eventually expand with the ability to blow up enemies. Of course it’s really Piper’s comedic persona, which usually comes from being irritated, that makes her a big favorite.

Phoebe’s (Alyssa Milano) power is only limited to premonitions, but don’t underestimate her. Phoebe’s martial art skills always pack quite a punch in battle.

Then there’s Paige (Rose McGowan), who is half witch and half white lighter. Her telekinetic power is different from Prue’s, but still just as useful in battle. It’s also neat that Paige can orb anywhere at anytime, which gives the Charmed ones more of an edge.

Oct 312012

It’s Halloween once again. Since I started blogging, I always make a special post for this time of year. First it was about Dangerously Seductive Vampire Women. Next was Creepy Exploration Video Games. Then came most favorite Werewolves.

This year it’s an Actor Spotlight on scream queen Rose McGowan, who was a thrill to meet at Spooky Empire 2012. She has had many great roles over the years, but here are some of my most favorite characters.

Paige Matthews from Charmed: After Prue Halliwell gets killed, there was one last hope for the Charmed Ones and Paige was it. She is half-witch and half-white lighter, which means she can orb anywhere and can fight evil with an active power. All Paige has to do is say the name of an object and she can either grab it or deflect it. Paige can be rebellious at times, but her heart is always in the right place.

Tatum Riley from Scream: She’s a spunky teenager who tries to protect her best friend Sidney Prescott from the media after a series of murders begin. Tatum is definitely not afraid to retaliate with a witty remark when angered. Unfortunately, her demise was brutal after being crushed in a garage door and she was never mentioned again in the sequels as other murdered characters were.

Miss Kitty from Monkeybone: This sexy feline is a waitress and one of many figments in the realm Stu Miley gets trapped in while he’s in a coma. Miss Kitty is a very helpful ally, but can also be real fierce when it comes to her appetite for the talking rats.

Cherry Darling from Planet Terror: Now here’s a sexy stripper with an edge. After losing her leg during a zombie outbreak, Cherry gets a machinegun as a replacement. Then uses it and her other “useless talents” to become an ultimate zombie killing machine. She also has a witty sense of humor, which also makes her a big favorite.

Pam from Deathproof: She was merely an innocent bystander at a bar looking for a ride home and eventually gets one from Stuntman Mike, only to end up as his first victim. How I remember Pam best was when she was jamming to the music while Stuntman Mike was getting his lap dance.



Jan 222010

Welcome back. This next film Grindhouse Presents, Death Proof – Extended and Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition) is more of a slasher, which stars Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike, a stuntman with a killer car. Metaphorically and literally speaking.

This movie also features two different groups of lovely young women. The first group includes Rose McGowan in a much different role from Planet Terror, Vanessa Ferlito (who I remember as one of the cheerleaders from Man of the House), and Sydney Pointier as Jungle Julia the DJ who likes to show her gorgeous legs. (Oh, yeah.) Even Marley Shelton returns as a nurse named Dakota. What are the odds, right?

The jukebox plays all sorts of great music. That, along with the comedic characters, makes the bar a nice laid back environment, including the lap dance that was supposably “cut short”.

The second group includes Rosario Dawson (who I remember best as Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats the movie), Tracie Thoms (who I remember from the short lived comedy series Wonderfalls), and stuntwoman Zoë Bell as herself. They’re all on a road trip only to be attacked by Stuntman Mike. Doesn’t he ever quit?

I met Zoë Bell at the FX Convention in 2008. She was really nice. When I got her autograph, I found out that she was a stunt double on Xena: Warrior Princess and Kill Bill. My sister and I even told Zoë that we were looking forward to seeing her in more films. She excitedly crosses her fingers and says, “Me too.”

These movies are both great overall, filled with the perfect combination of action and sex appeal.

Jan 202010

Directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have outdone themselves with this double feature. It starts with Grindhouse Presents, Planet Terror – Extended and Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition) which stars Rose McGowan as Cherry, the comedic stripper. I mean, go-go dancer. And Marley Shelton as Dakota, the sexy nurse.

I can remember Rose McGowan back in the 90s when she used to date Marilyn Manson and starred in dark films like Jawbreaker and Devil in the Flesh. But it wasn’t until Rose McGowan joined the cast of Charmed when she started to show a more comedic and lighter side to her character persona.

Unlike other zombie viruses, this one causes massive pimples and skin disfiguration. I don’t think there’s enough acne cream in the world to clear that up. And then there are the testicle collectors. Now that’s just disturbing. Not even Rob Zombie’s films would use such an item. And that’s saying a lot.

The zombie fights were awesome. They remind me of that shooter video game, House of the Dead Overkill. Especially the ones in the hospital. Cherry’s skill with that machine gun for a leg makes it look a whole lot smoother.

I met Elise and Electra Avellan, who played the Babysitter twins in this film, at Spooky Empire 2009. They were both really nice and sweet. It was their first time in Florida and they loved it. Now I can’t wait to see Elise and Electra in the upcoming film Machete, which they play sexy nurses with sharp tools. Very sharp.

What really stuck out was how the double feature was set up. Among the special features was a Q&A at Comic-Con 2006. The two directors wanted to make a more 70s retro look with old “Feature Presentation” rating bumpers, low film quality, and a “missing reel”. All of which was done on purpose. It was so cleverly done. And was all topped off with two great new films, back to back. Check my blog to see my review on the next one real soon.