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Feb 082017

I’ve seen some movies about giant monstrous spiders and the most memorable one to me was Eight Legged Freaks, but that soon changed when I saw Big Ass Spider!. This is about a giant spider, which was an experiment gone wrong, that’s on the loose. It starts small, but only gets bigger, not to mention stronger and faster.


The movie starts with exterminator Alex Mathis (Greg Gunberg) waking up on the ground in the middle of an intense battle against the giant spider. Then suddenly, it cuts to an earlier time. It’s so hard to follow a movie when it does that, especially when I see it for the first time.

As the story goes, Alex gets bitten by a spider and treated at the hospital. Suddenly, a mysterious spider comes out of a dead body and starts attacking people. Now this spider is bigger than any other and is smart enough to unzip zippers, open sewer grates, and snatch rolling quarters with ease. That’s definitely out of the ordinary.

Alex offers his services as an exterminator with the help of security guard Jose Ramos (Lombordo Boyar). He is such a comedic character and is very helpful in his own way.

Then suddenly the military is involved. Major Braxton Tanner (Ray Wise) intends to hunt down this spider before anyone, Major Tanner doesn’t take him seriously.

Of course that doesn’t stop Alex and Jose. They track the spider themselves as the army does the same. As the spider continues to grow while loose in the city, it catches and eats people really fast. It was creepy enough when the spider attacked in its small size.

Also assisting Major Tanner is Lieutenant Karly Brant (Clare Kramer). Alex likes her, even though she can come off cold. Eventually Karly does warm up to him, but she’s a soldier first.

I met Clare Kramer at Mini MegaCon 2009 and still remember how sweet she was.

It’s interesting that Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo. I thought he looked familiar.

This was a good movie with plenty of Sci-fi action and humor. As creepy as this spider was, I have to say that the scariest movie spider would be the one on Arachnophobia. It may be a lot smaller, but still very deadly.

Oct 082014

Sam (Bret Harrison) is a college dropout, who finds out that his parents sold his soul to the Devil. The Devil (Ray Wise) pops in and makes Sam his personal Reaper (2007-2009) to retrieve escaped demons with different types of vessels.

The Devil may be portrayed as a good guy at times, but he’s still a trickster when it comes to winning souls. Some vessels appear sillier than others do, but when they’re used right, they get the job done.

After the demon is caught, Sam has to take the vessel to a portal of Hell, which is at the DMV. Gladys (Christine Willes) takes over from there.

The different demons are creepy. Yet they still remind me of the many demons from Charmed. Some of my favorites include a jealous woman who can take the form of a swarm of bees, a cannibalistic doctor with monster fangs, a chemical plant CEO as a monstrous blob, and a serial killer called the Butcher who has become a rabid werewolf.

Luckily, Sam isn’t alone. His allies include Soc (Tyler Lebine), who is hilarious and outspoken, and Ben (Rick Gonzalez), who actually dates a demon named Nina (Jenny Wade). In human form Nina is gorgeous. Together they make a great team of bounty hunters. One great advantage to working at The Work Bench is unlimited access to supplies.

Image result for reaper series andi

Missy Peregrym plays the role of Andi, Sam’s girlfriend. I remember her most as Haley the comedic gymnast from Stick it. She’s not as comedic on this show, but it’s still good to know that Andi eventually knows Sam’s secret about his demon hunting duties. That way they become closer as a couple. Before, while Sam had to be secretive to Andi, I find the awkwardness hard to watch sometimes.

This was a good comedic series overall. It’s too bad that it ended so abruptly. I have heard that the story would continue in the comics, but I’m not certain.