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Dec 142016

Here’s to another awesome convention. This year one of the main groups of Power Ranger actors to attend Rangerstop was from Power Rangers in Space.

It was such a thrill to meet Tracy Lynn Cruz (Ashley the Yellow Ranger), Selwyn Ward (TJ the Blue Ranger), Roger Velasco (Carlos the Black Ranger), Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros the Red Ranger), and Justin Nimmo (Zhane the Silver Ranger).

Instead of getting separate photos for autographs, I thought it would be cooler to get a poster with the entire group. The only autograph left to complete it is Patricia J. Lee, who was Cassie the Pink Ranger. Maybe she’ll be at Rangerstop next year. You never know.

Unfortunately, the Space Rangers didn’t have any Q&A panels, but I still had a great time and I’m sure that Rangerstop will be awesome next year.

Nov 182015

It was so awesome to attend Rangerstop last weekend. Many of the same Power Ranger actors from last year were there along with some new ones from the original series.

Among the new ones was David Fielding who played Zordon. He’s the wise mentor that’s all knowing and is the provider of the morphers and zords. The rangers would be lost without Zordon.

Another Power Rangers actor I met was Melody Perkins. She was Astronoma the main villain on Power Rangers in Space, who was actually a brainwashed alien girl named Karone.

Melody was so sweet. When I was getting her autograph I thought of the battle scene in Countdown to Destruction, Part 2 between Astronoma and Andros the Red Ranger and asked her if she did all of her own stunts since it was the kind of fight scene that the stunt people normally do. She said she did and coincidentally she had recently watched that episode, remembering all the sparks flying as well as the turnout before Karone became good again and eventually becoming the new Pink Ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Much of the cosplay was very authentic, like this one of Zordon with a miniature command center.

Now here’s something interesting. Five years ago at Anime Festival Orlando 2010 David Yost, who was Billy the Blue Ranger, had a Q&A panel and was giving away prizes for whoever had the best questions. At that panel I won a rare photo of David wearing the Rita Repulsa wig, but didn’t get the chance for him to autograph it because the line was already full long before the panel was over.

Since David Yost was at Rangerstop, I brought it over to have it autographed. He remembered that panel and noticed that the photo was still in good shape. That was because I had it framed. Now it’s going back on the wall for sure.

I even got a photo with Alycia Purrot who was Sydney the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers SPD. This version was celebrating its tenth anniversary with a cast reunion.

I had a wonderful time at this convention, which also included a hilarious Q&A panel with the stars of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo. I’m sure that Rangerstop can only get better each year.

Nov 122014

Rangerstop 2014

Rangerstop was better than ever this year. Many of the Power Rangers actors who attended were from the original classic series, which is still a big favorite today.

First there was Karan Ashley, who was Aisha the yellow ranger. It was great that she autographed my Power Rangers magazine.

I got Steve Cardenas (Rocky the red ranger) to autograph it too. How awesome is that?

Hilary Shepard

It was real nice that Hilary Shepard came to Rangerstop. She was Divatox the evil space pirate from Power Rangers Turbo. In a Q&A panel, Hilary mentioned that she got the opportunity to improvise her character in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, which also includes the catchphrase, “Viva La Diva”.

Catherine Sutherland

Catherine Sutherland, Who was Kat the pink ranger, was very sweet.

Austin St. John

Now here’s something really exciting. Austin St. John (Jason the red ranger) was at Rangerstop. When I got his autograph, I asked him what were some of his favorite monsters from the series. One that Austin mentioned was Goldar because he got to fight him at times. Some of his least favorites included Pineapple the Clown and Pudgy Pig. I can’t blame him. Those monsters were pretty weird.

If you remember Jason’s return on Power Rangers Zeo, it was totally unexpected that he was chosen to be the gold ranger. Austin also didn’t see it coming until the last minute. Now that’s amazing.

Walter Jones

Walter Jones (Zack the black ranger) was awesome. He was fascinated that my name was Vinnie and got the whole crowd to say, “Hi Vinnie”. That was certainly a unique experience for me.

Patricia Alice Albrect

As an extra bonus, Rangerstop also had voice actors from Jem and the Holograms like Patricia Alice Albrect, who was the voice of Pizzazz. She was very sweet. When I got her autograph, she said that I made her day happy.

Patricia Aice Albercht Autograph

Rangerstop was a blast and I had a wonderful time. After this great turnout, it makes you wonder who will be at this convention next year.

Nov 122013

Rangerstop is one of the newest Power Rangers conventions to come to Orlando. There were Power Rangers actors from different versions, which was a great idea to attract fans of all ages.

The main one I was excited to meet was the very sweet Nakia Burrise, who played Tanya the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo.

Later, there was a Q&A panel with Nakia Burrise along with Jason Faunt, who played Wes the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force.

Tanya was first featured on the last episode of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and replaced Aisha (Karan Ashley) when the series became Power Rangers Zeo. There was no mention of why Karan Ashley left the show, but Nakia was excited to have the role. Her most favorite episodes were Song Sung Yellow and Another Song and Dance from Power Rangers Zeo, since they are the ones where she got to sing.

One of the main subjects both actors talked about was their new web series, which is coming soon. It’s called No Nerds Here, a mockumentary about Power Rangers actors Nakia Burrise, Jason Faunt, and Jessica Rey (who played Alyssa the White Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force) attending fan conventions. That sure sounds interesting, don’t you think?

I sure had a good time at this convention. It certainly was morphenomenal.