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Jun 012016

I had a great time at MegaCon 2016 in Orlando this past weekend. Among the highlights were replicas of vehicles, costumes, and large props from different movies and TV shows on display, like in a pop culture museum. Let’s start with Star Wars. As you can see, the Wampa was huge.

Here are some of the Sand People. These guys were cool, but I always found the versions from Spaceballs more interesting because they had more personality.

Then there’s the metal prison Han Solo was held in. As iconic as it is, it’s difficult to remember what this thing is called.

There were some pretty cool costumes on display also, which included this one of the Flash from The Flash TV series.

Now let’s move on the vehicles. Once again, here is the Pokémon car, but this time it includes a bunch on Pikachus wearing outfits from different franchises.

Next there was the Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters. It’s neat that it has Florida plates, even though the Ghostbusters come from New York.

Now here are some vehicles I really found interesting, the Batmobile, Batcopter, and Batcycle from the 60s Batman series.

Even though the Batcopter and Batcycle were only used in the 1966 Batman movie, footage from that was reused in later Batman episodes.

I also met a couple of voice actors, who have voiced quite a few great characters. Check my blog to find out more.

Dec 192011

Anime celebrates the Christmas Holiday with a new convention in Orlando called Holiday Matsuri 2011, which has different festivities, celebrity guests, and even a car on display that’s filled with Christmas Pokemon.

The first celebrity guest I got to meet was web comic artist Amelie Belcher, who has made such web comics as The Real Life Adventures of Ami-Chan and Bounty Haunters.

Other stars I met include costume designer JoEllen Elam, pop singer Traci Hines, and film actor Alexis Cruz who is best known as Skaara from Stargate.

Then there was a Q&A panel with voice actress Brittney Karbowski. Each time I attend an Anime voice actor panel, I usually learn something new about the voice acting process. This time I learned that the Japanese studios that originally produce the Anime shows always approve the voice acting in translation before the studios in America can release them. It’s especially helpful when it comes to the correct interpretation from Japanese to English.

One of Brittney’s most popular roles is Blackstar from Soul Eater. She had an interesting story behind that. Brittney never did a male character before, so for the audition she mostly imitated her little brother. She tried it for fun and it worked. Brittney also mentioned that basically the whole irony about Blackstar is that he always talks about how great he is, but he’s tiny and talks like a girl. That’s what makes the character funny. In fact, in the Japanese version a girl also voices Blackstar.

Later that evening I attended a concert, which featured Japanese pop star Chii Sukurabi in her American debut. The style was mostly techno music that you can dance to.

I enjoyed this convention. It was a unique experience and I look forward to attending conventions next year.