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Nov 262014

Phantom Museums: The Short Films of the Quay Brothers (1979-2003) is a series of short films that looked interesting when I found this on Netflix a while back.

These films are horror themed stories on an adult level that use stop motion animation. There is no dialogue and the characters and scenery have a creepy look. You might think these are similar to the style of Tim Burton’s animated movies, but believe me, they’re not. I think this material is more along the lines of Aurelio Voltaire’s short animated films, which I also find interesting.

The story lines are hard to understand sometimes and the pacing is a bit slow at quite a few points. However, the creativity behind them is amazing. I mainly want to point out the four Stille Nacht films. They may be the shortest of the group, but I like that a song plays while the various dolls and objects move to the music. Yes, they are my most favorite of the group and not because they were the shortest.

Overall, Phantom Museums is a fascinating group of short films and I’m glad that I found out about them. Each film is different, but it’s nice that some of the puppet characters get to be reused, even if they are nameless.