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Jun 082012

Pamela Anderson Lee was a hot heroine in Barb Wire. She continues that legacy as the animated crime fighter Stripperella (2003-2004). She has spy gear in the form of women’s accessories and a body that can withstand any extreme temperature.

Stripperella’s secret identity is Erotica, an exotic dancer. However, she’s not very good at hiding her secret. Erotica blabs things out loud, but covers it up quickly and awkwardly. Yet it always works no matter who hears it. Furthermore, whenever Stripperella goes undercover, she never thinks ahead when it comes to an alias.

There’s a lot of sexual related humor on this series. For example, Stripperella’s favorite charity is called Animals Need Universal Support a.k.a. A.N.U.S.. Also look for sexual puns on the signs around the city. They’re everywhere.

At Spooky Empire Mayhem 2012, I met Joey Lauren Adams. She was the voice of Catt, one of the other strippers. When I told Joey that I knew her best for this role, she mentioned that she also did several voices for Doctor Dolittle 2 and that I should be sure to look for them.

Stripperella fights all sort of enemies. Some of which are colorful archenemies like Queen Clatoris the elusive cyber villain with a face that could make anyone cringe. That’s why it’s usually hidden.

Small Fry is a short man with a huge chip on his shoulder and is highly irritable to even the slightest thing related to the word “short”.

Then there’s Cheapo the penny-pinching crime lord, who would prefer to steal copper instead of gold. Another interesting thing about Cheapo is that he sounds a lot like Jon Lovitz, but that’s not who voices the character.

It’s unknown how Stripperella started out as a superhero, but she’s always there when crime is afoot. However, Stripperella is not a loner, like Spiderman. She works as a secret agent under the command of Chief Stroganoff, who always keeps her posted.

I got to meet series creater Stan Lee at MegaCon 2012.

This is a good series with great crime fighting action, but sometimes when it comes to the sexual puns, the characters tend to babble. That gets annoying and makes me want to say, “Okay, I get it.”

Mar 142011

We all remember Pamela Anderson Lee back in the 90s as sexy lifeguard CJ Parker from Baywatch. She continued to show that hotness on the big screen as the lead in Barb Wire. However, Barb is nothing like CJ Parker. She’s a bounty hunter who helps people, but only for the money. In a way, it’s understandable when you’re living in a post-apocalyptic future.

Barb also runs a bar called The Hammerhead in Steel Harbor, the last free city in the United States. Unfortunately, the police led by Colonel Pryzer (Steve Railsback) are very strict to the point where you can’t trust them. They use retinal scanners to check people’s identification with no exceptions. However, Police Chief Willis (Xander Berkeley) is honest. He’s not as strict as the other officers… for the right price. It makes you wonder which side he’s really on.

Barb also has a guard dog named Camille. I remember her best from when she bites a mean drunk’s “package”, then obeys simple commands like “sit” and “outside”. “You don’t want to see her roll over, do you?”

Before Barb was a lone bounty hunter, she used to fight for the Resistance. Apparently, Barb’s services are needed again to help scientist Cora D (Victoria Rowell) escape to Canada, but in order for her to get there, she needs special contact lenses that will get her past any retinal scanner. Unfortunately, Barb does not agree to help because her old boyfriend Axel (Temuera Morrision) is also helping out.


Soon, Colonel Pryzer and his men trash The Hammerhead while searching for Cora D and the lenses with no luck. Barb isn’t too upset though. She decides to leave for Europe. Barb finds the lenses, but decides to sell them to Underworld boss Big Fatso (Andre Rosey Brown). What was she thinking?

Big Fatso always sits in a construction vehicle all cozied up with monitors, speakers, and an umbrella because he’s so large he can’t move around himself. I wonder if Fatso will ever treat that stain on his shirt from that chicken leg he’s been munching on.

Unfortunately, the deal doesn’t run smooth. (Really, Fatso. A debit card?) Now it’s a race against time for Barb, Axel, and Cora D to make it to the airport before Colonel Pryzer gets them. All the better the reason to use an armored vehicle with massive weaponry.

This was a good action packed movie. Many men find Barb irresistible, but be warned. Never call her Babe, or you will die. She has all sorts of things in her arsenal to do it, from peashooter cigarettes to spike heeled shoes. Resourceful, but deadly.