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Apr 272016

Among the different musical artists that perform at conventions throughout Orlando, my most favorite is Geekapella. They are an acapella group that consists of at least ten singers. The group is hard to keep track of sometimes because each time I see Geekapella perform the members tend to change as well as the number of singers.

One thing will always remain consistent and that’s the music. The songs are entirely based on pop culture. They are very creative and also appropriate for conventions like Omni Expo, Holiday Matsuri, and Space Coast Nerdfest.

It wasn’t until recently at Space Coast Nerdfest 2016, when I found out that Geekapella was selling demos of their album, Geekapella: Legends of the Hidden Demo. The CD cover is a real nice design that resembles an 8-Bit video game.

Geekapella has many songs, but right now let’s just focus on the highlights in the album, starting with Batman Knows What You Did in the Dark. It was certainly different and catchier than most songs about the Dark Knight. At times I wonder if the meaning of the title insinuates that Batman is always watching you, even in your home.

Video games are another common subject that Geekapella sings about like in The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece. It’s true that Tetris can be a tough game with random pieces coming down, not knowing who throws them down in the first place. That’s pretty interesting if you think about it.

I would also like to point out that of all the video game soundtracks I have heard, Tetris is among the unlikely choices to include. So that definitely shows creativity right there.

John Williams is the Man is a song about Star Wars, though I can’t help but notice that the melody is much like the theme from Indiana Jones.

Then we have Super. It’s basically a medley of theme songs from shows like Ghostbusters, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s version). That’s sure a great way to bring back the classics.

I certainly enjoyed this music group. They sure know how to set a mood when I attend a convention. Of course, you never know what Geekapella will perform next, whether it’s an old favorite or something brand new. They never cease to amaze me.

Mar 092016

I recently attended another great convention this past weekend. Omni Expo added some really cool displays from movies and TV shows.

First there were exact replicas of movie props from Jurassic Park like the truck and supplies, including a cosplayer of John Hammond.

Remember the shaving cream bottle containing the Dino DNA?

Then there was the car from Supernatural. The trunk contained the hunting gear, fake IDs, log book, and even the little army soldier in the ashtray. It just blew my mind how much attention to detail was put into this.

I also had the opportunity to meet actor Kevin Duhaney, who was Ethan the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

And let’s not forget the cosplay with characters from Jurassic World, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, and Legend of Zelda.

Although I didn’t attend any Q&A panels, I had a great time. What will they come up with at Omni Expo next year?

May 272015

This is the second year I attended this convention and it was so much bigger than last year. It had more great events and voice actors. Most particularly the entire cast from the popular Anime series Attack on Titan. Here are some of them.

The first voice actor I got to meet was Josh Grelle. He had roles from several Anime shows that I enjoyed, but the one I remember best was Hosei from Hero Tales.

It was also great to have met Mike McFarland, who voiced Ritsu from Fruits Basket.

Jessica Calvello was very sweet and funny. Though many remember her best as Hange from Attack on Titan, I remembered her best as Nanael from Queen’s Blade. Jessica mentioned how crazy Nanael was and that she liked the way she dressed.

Jessica also had a Q&A panel and she kept me laughing as she talked about her many characters throughout her career as far back as the mid 90s when she started out as a voice actor.

Here’s to another awesome Anime convention. It makes me look forward to it next year.

Jun 112014

Carrie Savage

I was so glad to have met Carrie Savage at Omni Expo 2014. She was so sweet and had quite a few Anime characters that I really liked, which include the following.

Mokona from XXXholic: This rabbit creature is both energetic and powerful. Whether he hangs around the shop as Yuko’s drinking buddy or accompanies Watanuki on one of his tasks involving evil spirits, Mokona is a hilarious companion, especially when he drives Watanuki crazy.

Ana and Yuna from Murder Princess: Although they appear to be little girls, these two robots are powerful bodyguards for Dr. Akamashi. However, they are polar opposites of each other. Ana is aggressive and Yuna is timid and shy, but don’t underestimate her.

Succubus from Tower of Druaga: Even though she doesn’t have a proper name, this tower spirit haunts Neeba’s mind by appearing and reappearing any time she chooses mainly to taunt him. Only Neeba can see her unless she makes herself visible to others, making her an enigma throughout the journey.

Kiyomi Sakura from Squid Girl: She’s a kind middle school student who becomes fast friends with Squid Girl even though it was out of a ding dong ditch prank that backfired. Kiyomi only appeared in a few episodes, but her friendship with Squid Girl remains strong whatever the circumstance.

Rachel Boyd from Soul Eater: She’s an adorable little girl from Death City. Not much can be said about Rachel since Medusa possessed her throughout the series. Still, you got to love her.

Any favorites you’d like to add?

Jun 052014

Hey, everyone! Last year was awesome when I got to meet Bulk and Skull at Anime Festival Orlando. Just recently I met two voice actors from the classic Power Rangers series.

Richard Horvitz

First there was Richard Horvitz at MegaCon 2014 and I remember him best as the voice of Alpha-5.

Richard Horvitz Autograph

When I picked out this autograph photo, he went right into the voice. It was a blast.

Robert Axelrod

The other voice actor I met was Robert Axelrod at Omni Expo 2014, who voiced Finster and Lord Zedd. He was a real nice guy and he autographed one of my Power Rangers magazines.

Robert Axelrod Autograph

This is only the beginning. It’s going to be a great year for meeting classic Power Rangers actors. Later this year I’ll be going to Rangerstop 2014. I’m sure looking forward to that.