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Sep 122012

Night Of The Living Dead 3D is one of the more recent remakes of the zombie horror classic. It starts out the same with Barb (Brianna Brown) and her brother Johnny (Ken Ward) going to the cemetery and end up finding zombies. They both escape, but get separated, no thanks to Johnny driving off without Barb.

Barb runs to the mortuary nearby and finds more zombies. Luckily, the owner Gerald Tovar Jr. (Sid Haig) rescues her. However, Tovar bluntly tells her to leave as if she was trespassing on public property.

Even after telling him about the zombies, Tovar still says, “Employees only.” You’ve got to hand it to Sid Haig. He sure knows how to bring comedy to a horror film.

I met Sid Haig at Cult Fiction Drive-In 2011.

Later that night, Barb finds herself at a country road after running for awhile. A young man named Ben (Joshua Des Roches) picks her up and brings her to the Cooper plant farm, where he and the Cooper family are taking refuge. They include Henry Cooper (Greg Travis), his wife Hellie (Johanna Black), their daughter Karen (Alynia Phillips), and Owen (Adam Chambers) the hired hand.

At first it doesn’t seem like they are taking refuge because no one believes Barb about the zombies. Her suggestion is to call the police, but what good would that do?

Here’s something ironic. While Barb explains the zombie situation, the original Night of the Living Dead movie happens to be on TV. What are the odds, right?

The zombies soon arrive at the house. Meanwhile, Henry’s son Tom (Max Williams) and his girlfriend Judy (Cristin Michelle) are making out in the barn. The zombies decide to go after them first because of all the noise they’re making. Neither Tom nor Judy makes it to the house, let alone back in their clothes.

After seeing that awful display, Henry comes to terms with Barb’s idea. “When the dead walk, you got to call the cops.” Unfortunately, the phone is dead along with the cable TV. There are also no cell phones because Henry doesn’t allow them in his house. It’s his house, his rules. What was Henry thinking?

While the others board up the house, Henry and Ben get some guns. All Henry has is a gun holster belt with two pistols, like in the old westerns, which he keeps in a tiny safe. How lame can he get? At least it’s better than nothing.

Later, Tovar arrives at the house and provides answers about the zombie situation. Now that’s what truly makes this version of Night of the Living Dead different. It actually provides a back story behind the zombies.

Barb, Ben, and Tovar manage to escape the house, but run into more zombies. Coincidentally, they are the zombies of Barb’s brother and mother (Marcia Ann Burrs). The surprises don’t end there. There’s also a plot twist that I never would’ve seen coming.

I enjoyed this movie. It stays true to the familiar story line while including plenty of new material. The 3-D effect makes a nice addition to the DVD, but why couldn’t it include the option to watch the film without the 3-D?

May 052010

In the remake of the original 1968 horror classic, Night of the Living Dead, a small group of people are trapped in a house while trying to survive an army of zombies. Here’s the thing. There’s no clear explanation on how these zombies came to be. Grownup siblings, Johnnie (Bill Mosley) and Barbara (Patricia Tallman), visit their mother at a cemetery. Then all of a sudden… Zombie attack!

On a side note, I hardly recognized Bill Mosley in this movie because he looks a lot different. You’ve got to admit he sure was funny while trying to annoy Barbara.

Anyhow, Johnnie gets killed, but Barbara escapes and finds the house to hide in. Of course it would help more if she had closed the door. I know you ran a long way from the cemetery (with no shoes on), Barbara, but the zombies will catch up to you. They never give up once they see fresh meat.

Luckily, Barbara is not alone. Another survivor soon comes along, Ben (Tony Todd), who can fight zombies single-handedly. That sure helped Barbara step up.

I met Tony Todd at Vulcan Events 2010. He was a really nice guy. As my sister and I were taking this photo after getting his autograph, he asked about my blog. Tony Todd also mentioned that the last convention he was at in Orlando was Spooky Empire back in 2006 and hasn’t been invited back since. What’s up with that?

While searching for guns around the house, Ben and Barbara find other survivors who were hiding in the cellar. Ben decides to take charge to ensure everyone’s survival. Unfortunately, total jerk Harry Cooper (Tom Towles) is against it. He thinks everyone will be safer in the cellar, but Ben only sees it as a death trap. I’d have to agree with Ben here. One could starve to death contained in such a small space with no other way out.

Everyone tries to board up the windows with spare doors, which seem to fit perfectly. That’s a good thing because not only does the tactic work to keep out rampaging zombies, but it can protect against hurricanes also. That is, if there ever was any.

Soon Ben checks the TV to see if there’s anything about the zombies on the news, but all it shows is the Emergency Broadcast System, so it must be big. Later, Cooper finds the news on, which has a few theories on the cause of this zombie epidemic. They say it could be anything from the Ozone layer to mystical organisms from outer space. Nothing is certain.

Part of the escape plan is to fill up the gas tank of a truck with the gas pump outside, but it’s locked. Once the keys are found, Tom (William Butler) attempts to unlock it. Then he finds out that they were the wrong keys and in desperation shoots the lock off. What an idiot! He just blew himself up. Then it only gets worse from there.

Tony Todd had also mentioned in his Q&A that he reprises his role in the upcoming animated feature Night of the Living Dead Origins. The first choice for the role was a rapper, but it didn’t work out.

This was a pretty exciting horror movie. However, when the zombies were feeding on all of those dead bodies, it was enough to make me want to gag. Ugh!