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Oct 192009

I have been a Leslie Nielsen fan for a long time. And who better to costar in Repossessed than Linda Blair, the original star of The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition), all grown up as Nancy Aglet.  Years ago, the Devil possessed Nancy and was rescued by Father Mayii (Leslie Neilsen). Seventeen years later, the Devil possesses her again, even tough Nancy had led a good life. Although Father Mayii is long retired with a heart condition, he must save Nancy once again.

Some of the most memorable gags were the ones based on The Exorcist. Such as Nancy’s possession being mistaken for PMS and the dangerous split pea soup. There’s even a memorable theme song.

TV hosts Ernest (Ned Beatty) and Fanny (Lana Schwab) of The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour also find out about Nancy and decide to televise the exorcism in order to raise money. I can still remember how everyone always adored Fanny’s dog Fufu. “Hi, Fufu.” Sure, Fufu was cute,  but I didn’t think he was that cute. “Bye, Fufu.”

Father Luke and Father Mayii

As Father Mayii and Father Luke (Anthony Starke) do the exorcism to rescue Nancy, Mean Gene Okerlund and Jesse Ventura announce it as if it were a pro wrestling match. I wonder where they’re doing that from if they’re not even in the same room.

Linda Blair at DragonCon 2008

I met Linda Blair at Dragon-Con 2008. She was very nice and was wearing a World Heart Foundation T-shirt. I made a point to tell her that Repossessed was one of my favorite films. She thanked me and said that it was one of her favorites also.

Linda Blair at Spooky Empire 2009

Linda Blair at Spooky Empire 2009

Just recently my sister and I attended her Q&A at the Spooky Empire 2009 Horror Convention in Orlando.  It started out with Linda Blair talking about how important her World Heart Foundation is to her. She put her career on hold to run this charity. Then she talked about how difficult making The Exorcist was for her. She endured a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding as a young girl because of that movie.

A lot of people were asking weird and sort of depressing questions at this Q&A. I was very pleased for asking a question that changed the dreary mood of the Q&A. I asked Linda Blair how she compares her role on The Exorcist to her role on Repossessed. She immediately smiled at me (she didn’t really smile before) and you could tell the audience was glad she was smiling. Linda Blair said that she loves doing comedy. She originally wanted to pursue comedy, but has been more involved with dramatic work.

As for the role of possessed Nancy Aglet in Repossessed, Linda Blair had to figure out how she would play the character. She ended up channeling Jack Nicholson. She even did the voice for a moment and mentioned to look for Jack Nicholson next time that you watch Repossessed. Originally she wanted nothing to do with an Exorcist parody because she felt there was no way she could get the last laugh. However, she is glad she made Repossessed and hopes people enjoy watching it. Repossessed was never meant to demean The Exorcist. The Exorcist is still one of the greatest movies ever made and always will be.

Here’s something else interesting. While my sister and I were waiting for another Q&A to start the next day, a couple of guys sitting near us were talking about how depressing Linda Blair’s Q&A questions were. Were they trying to make Linda Blair cry? Then I mentioned that was why I asked her about her role on Repossessed. One of the guys said, “Dude, that was you? High five.” I was so pleased to find out that I helped end that Q&A on a high note.

I’d have to say that Repossessed is an excellent spoof of one of the scariest movies of all time. Whether this movie is considered a horror film or not, it’s still a classic.