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Mar 092016

I recently attended another great convention this past weekend. Omni Expo added some really cool displays from movies and TV shows.

First there were exact replicas of movie props from Jurassic Park like the truck and supplies, including a cosplayer of John Hammond.

Remember the shaving cream bottle containing the Dino DNA?

Then there was the car from Supernatural. The trunk contained the hunting gear, fake IDs, log book, and even the little army soldier in the ashtray. It just blew my mind how much attention to detail was put into this.

I also had the opportunity to meet actor Kevin Duhaney, who was Ethan the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

And let’s not forget the cosplay with characters from Jurassic World, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, and Legend of Zelda.

Although I didn’t attend any Q&A panels, I had a great time. What will they come up with at Omni Expo next year?

Apr 012014

He is another awesome voice actor I met at MegaCon 2014, who has had many classic characters that I grew up with and here they are.

Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog (90s version): This is Sonic’s archenemy. Nowadays he’s called Dr. Eggman, but has always been a mad scientist bent on world domination. This particular version of Robotnik is edgy and vile unlike the Anime versions that are a little more comedic. Whatever the case, Sonic always gets the best of him.

Leatherhead from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s version): He’s a mutant crocodile with an attitude. Unlike other versions, this one is from a swamp in the South and has the persona of a fisherman. I can still remember his catchphrase, “I guarantee.” It’s priceless.

Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins: Like the first Mortal Kombat movie, he’s a master sorcerer and the main villain. In this animated feature he’s mostly calm, but keeps attempting to break the rules of the tournament by having his warriors attack the heroes before it begins. On a personal note, I thought this voice sounded very similar to Dr. Robotnik.

Ed from The Lion King: He’s one of the hyenas that serve Scar. Ed doesn’t talk much and isn’t very bright. He’ll laugh at just about anything, just like a hyena.

Fuzzy Lumpkins from Powerpuff Girls: This pink fuzzy creature is a hillbilly with a musket. He turns red and violent when angered, which is very easy to do because he will shoot anyone or anything that even touches his property. Fuzzy isn’t much of a villain compared to ones like Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, or Sedusa, but don’t take him lightly.

Zummi Gummi from Gummi Bears: Zummi is the wise spell caster of the group. Though he often stumbles on his words and tends to forget things, you can always count on Zummi for wisdom.

Mayor Manx from SWAT Kats: He’s the Mayor of Megakat City and has been for ten terms. Manx spends most of his time playing golf. He leaves all of the paperwork to Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs and takes all of the credit. There are times when Mayor Manx tries to rent out Megakat Towers to investors and it always ends up in failure. I can’t help but feel sorry for him whenever that happens.

El Capitan from Ducktales: I remember this character well. He’s mysterious and exceptionally greedy for gold. The reason I say exceptionally is because he lived for over 400 years on will power. At the end of the five-part pilot episode, El Capitan was last seen attempting to dig up the Treasure of the Golden Suns after it collapsed and sank into the earth. He was never seen or heard from again after that, so what could have happened to him?

It was a blast to have met Jim Cummings. What are some of your favorite characters that he voiced?

Apr 072012

The Mortal Kombat movie had an excellent music score, especially during the fight scenes in the adventurous martial arts tournament. The Mortal Kombat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album provides that awesome music and more.

However, it’s hard to tell which track has which music because almost every track is labeled with song titles and bands I never heard of before. It’s especially tough when songs that were not featured in the movie are mixed in with the others.

Once I hear the track on the album, it becomes easier to decipher, but can still be confusing at times because the music is not entirely accurate to how it was presented in the movie. I never would’ve thought that the tracks weren’t entirely instrumental either.

The success of this soundtrack shortly led to another album called Mortal Kombat: More Kombat. The music is more techno than on the other Mortal Kombat soundtrack album. I admit that some tracks run longer than others, but this album still rocks and captures the imagination.

The last of the Mortal Kombat albums is the soundtrack for Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Like the others, it’s labeled with song titles and bands I never heard of before. Once again, that makes it difficult to figure out which music is on which track, but becomes clearer once I hear it. The only exception was the newer Mortal Kombat theme by The Immortals.

The music from the movie was an excellent addition to the smoother fight scenes throughout the film. That’s also what makes this album a good one.

Overall, all three of these albums are classics and I would totally recommend them if you’re into Mortal Kombat memorabilia.

Mar 312012

Before Mortal Kombat had its first movie, the success of the original fighting game led to Mortal Kombat the Album. This techno album includes the Mortal Kombat theme performed by The Immortals. The album also has a song about each individual characters, all performed by The Immortals as well.

If you’re expecting musical scores from the video game itself, forget it. All of these tracks are different and have never been featured in either of the Mortal Kombat movies, except the theme of course.

Some of the songs are about the character’s fighting skill, like Johnny Cage (Prepare Yourself), Kano (Use Your Might), and Sonya (Go Go Go).

The rest of the characters have songs that are more focused on their backgrounds. They include, Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior), Liu Kang (Born in China), Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent on Revenge), Rayden (Eternal Life), and Goro (The Outworld Prince). These songs are all upbeat, but some are catchier than others.

Sorry, but Shang Tsung doesn’t have a song on this album. Instead, the last track is a remix of the Mortal Kombat theme. It’s not nearly as good as the original. Then again, can you imagine if Shang Tsung did have a song? What would it be?

This is definitely a creative album, but it’s only the first of several in the Mortal Kombat franchise. I’ll be talking about other albums on my blog later on.

Sep 302011

One of the most popular types of warriors in pop culture are ninjas and video games provide excellent stories about these highly skilled assassins in action, whether it’s the path of the hero or not. Here are my most favorite video games with ninjas.

#10) Red Ninja: End of Honor (Playstation 2): I only briefly knew about this game, but I found it interesting. Kurenai, a hot female ninja, shows amazing skills like wall running, wire swinging, and sneaking through tight places. Kurenai is quick as she is deadly, but makes it look good with that skimpy outfit.

#9) DOA Dead or Alive (Playstation 2): Like most fighting games, there are many different types of fighters to choose from. This one has several ninjas. They include Kasumi the Shinobi warrior, her brother Hayate, and Ryu Hayabusa the hero from the Ninja Gaiden franchise. These characters made more sense in the movie version, but what’s amazing about this game is that if a fighter gets knocked down a flight of stairs, or off a high bridge, the fight doesn’t end there. It resumes from below. None of the other fighting games I played ever did that before.

#8) Mortal Kombat (Super NES and Sega Genesis): The two ninjas in this classic fighting game are twins Scorpion and Sub-Zero. At first I thought they were just clones with different colored suits, but there’s more to them than that. Sub-Zero can freeze opponents in order to defeat them easily, and Scorpion is a specter with a scorpion stinger in his hand, which grapples opponents helplessly. He also shouts, “Get over here” when he does it. Is that weapon voice activated, or what?

#7) Street Fighter 2 (Super NES): The highly popular trend of fighting games started with this classic from the early 90s. There were many different types of fighters featured in this franchise. In the earlier versions, the only ninja in the group was Vega the Spanish cage fighter. I must say that Vega is one of the toughest to go up against because he’s fast and can climb upon the cage before using his dive attack. Personally, I think Vega is a showoff, but a deadly one.

#6) Simpsons Arcade Game: I know this sounds very unlikely, but there is a level where the Simpsons fight enemy ninjas in a TV station, followed by a ninja master as the boss. He’s a cool character, but it’s very distracting when other ninjas continuously join in the boss fight. As skilled as these ninjas are, I’m surprised that the Simpsons would be any match against them at all. Then again, the Simpsons fought their way past gangsters, zombies, and wild animals like that angry bear boss. So why not ninjas?

#5) Ninja Warriors (Super NES): I remember playing this arcade game years ago, which was about ninjas fighting commandos. It looked interesting, even though I didn’t understand the story line. Of course my favorite was the female red ninja Kunoichi. However, the Super NES version is different, but still interesting.

#4) TMNT franchise (NES and Super NES): Of course, the ninja turtles are long time favorites in the ninja category. Unlike most, these young ninjas are more laid back as they battle crazy enemies like robotic Mousers, Stone Soldiers from Dimension X, robot Foot Ninjas that pop in from all kinds of places, and tough mutants like Bebop and Rocksteady who attack with guns. Let’s face it. Ninjas never use guns, but they always fight with honor.

#3) Bad Dudes (NES): In this old game, tough guys Blade and Striker must rescue the President from enemy ninjas. The action level is tame, but challenging. The ninjas are fast and attack from all sides. The only thing that concerns me about this game is that after succeeding, it has the corniest ending I’ve ever seen.

#2) Ninja Gaiden (NES): Iconic ninja warrior Ryu Hayabusa makes his debut in this game. He is a smooth fighter. Along with his sword, Ryu uses items like windmill throwing stars and fire wheels to fight numerous enemies. Ryu is also a smooth jumper. He can jump off walls and fight enemies when he has a jump & slash weapon. Every time Ryu jumps he always flips forward in midair several times. I’ll tell ya, he makes it all look so easy.

#1) TMNT franchise (Playstation 2): In case you were wondering, these versions are much different than the ones for the NES and Super NES. The quests are more based on the modern animated series and contains the same edginess when the turtles battle enemies and bosses. Not only do these ninjas fight street punks, robots, and aliens, but also stick to their roots as they fight human Foot Soldiers and bosses like Karai and the Ultimate Ninja. Now this is my kind of adventurous ninja action.