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Sep 172014

Usually when it comes to superhero team-ups, you’d most likely think of The Justice League or The Avengers. Another group of superheroes I can remember was The Mighty Heroes (1966-1967), which was a part of the Terry Toons collection, which is best known for producing Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle.

Strong Man has super strength and likes to fly toward a villain fist first. I can only assume that he’s the leader of the team, but it’s hard to tell because of his not-so-serious persona.

Rope Man is entirely made out of an endless length of rope, except for his head. He can be useful when he doesn’t get himself tangled up.

Tornado Man can spin himself into a tornado naturally, which not only helps him fly, but can send villains flying into a wall.

Cuckoo Man seems to be the least effectual member of the team. That’s mainly because his flying ability is so limited that he has to flap his arms constantly to keep up with the others. However, Cuckoo Man is not useless. He does have his strong moments at times.

Then we have Diaper Man; a baby that can fight with a bottle filled with an endless supply of baby formula and is fully articulate. I admit that he sounds a lot like Popeye. More than likely it must be the same voice actor.

Even though their origin stories are not revealed, together these five defend the city of Good Haven from all sorts of unusual villains. They also have regular jobs as civilians, whose names are never mentioned. It’s just as well though. The Mighty Heroes turn into superheroes during the title sequence and the adventure only concentrates on the action rather than the fear of exposing their secret identities to anyone.

While other superheroes struggle with identity secrecy, these ones struggle with their teamwork. They get along wonderfully. It’s just that the Mighty Heroes are so clumsy and keep getting in each other’s way, especially during combat. The team has to regroup after getting captured in order to get coordinated properly and win the battle.

I must confess that I first heard about The Mighty Heroes when they appeared on an episode of Mighty Mouse the New Adventures back in the 80s. At first I thought they were new on that show. It wasn’t until much later on when I discovered that The Mighty Heroes was an actual series from the old days.

I found this show very enjoyable. Unlike most superhero cartoons from the 60s, The Mighty Heroes had crime fighting action that was at a more exciting pace, even if most of it was out of clumsiness.