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Nov 092016

When it comes to aliens and the horror genre, it’s not often that I would visualize them together but it does happen. One such example is the independent film Extraterrestrial.

This is about college teen April (Brittany Allen) spending a romantic weekend at her mother’s cabin with her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma). However, April is dismayed when Kyle brings his friends along. They include goofball Seth (Jesse Moss), his girlfriend Lex (Anja Savcic), and stoner Melanie (Melanie Papalia).

That’s right. It’s a movie about teens in the woods being terrorized by something frightening. This time, an alien spacecraft comes in search of victims to capture and experiment on. The way it was done is much more intense than the common cliché.

At first I thought the aliens were blowing up people after what became of their first victim Nancy McPherson (Emily Perkins) at the beginning of the movie.

Luckily the teens have an ally, Travis (Michael Ironside), who was friends with April’s father. He’s a weed farmer with a military background. It’s amazing what he knows about the aliens.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Murphy (Gil Bellows) investigates the disappearances. Of course he’s skeptical but all the clues he finds always lead to alien attacks.

The aliens only appear in short glimpses throughout the movie, but I can tell that they have a generic look with green skin and bald heads, wearing no clothes. The aliens never talk, so their reasons of invading remain a mystery.
This was a good movie. Sure it contained quite a few clichés of sci-fi horror films but that’s what made it easy to follow, just the way I like it.

Jul 092013

In Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone, galactic bounty hunter, Wolff (Peter Strauss) goes to the savage planet Terra 11 to rescue three Earth women from the evil ruler Overdog (Michael Ironside), who is half man and half machine. Overdog’s reason for capturing them is none other than personal pleasure. Hey, even dark lords have their needs.

When Wolff and his lovely companion Chalmers (Andrea Marcovicci) arrive on Terra 11, they find out that the Earth girls are in the Forbidden Zone, which is very far away. Unfortunately, Chalmers gets killed and it’s revealed that she’s an android. I found that surprising. One thing’s for sure. Wolff is on his own now.

That soon changes when Wolff meets Niki (Molly Ringwald). She’s a spunky young Earth girl that’s a total chatterbox. Wolff refuses to bring her along at first. Then Niki proves to be a helpful tracker, when she’s not griping.

The next morning, Wolff forces Niki to bathe. It’s hilarious how she resists like a little kid while Wolff uses the shampoo on her. Niki eventually calms down and finishes bathing. In case you were wondering, Niki was fully clothed the whole time.

Wolff and Niki’s next stop is in an abandoned tower to camp for the night. Unfortunately, it’s filled with large pupii. The eggs soon hatch and creepy zombies come out. At least I think that’s what they are. It’s hard to tell.

After escaping, Wolff and Niki wind up in an underground lake inhabited by wild water amazons and a water dragon. This quest just gets better and better, doesn’t it.

They soon escape to the desert, but the heat is overpowering. Luckily, Wolff’s old friend Washington (Ernie Hudson) happens to be in the area to help them out. Then they all arrive at the Forbidden Zone and find Overdog hosting the games, which is watching innocent people die in a maze of traps. All Washington could say about that was, “They sure come a long way from Monday Night Football.”

This was a good movie filled with adventure. It’s nice to know that Wolff has grown close to Niki, even though he’ll never admit it.