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Apr 292011

For my 300th post, I have decided to add a few extra vampire women to my list of favorites.

We all know the most common role of female vampires in pop culture. She seduces a victim before putting the bite on him. However, there are also vamps that are much different and I find their peculiarities enjoyable as well. I have here a list of my top five favorite vampire women who have qualities that are highly out of the ordinary.

#5) Harmony (Mercedes McNab) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: She used to be the queen bee of Sunnydale High School after Cordelia stepped down. During graduation, Harmony was bitten and became a vampire. Now normally when that happens, the victim’s personality changes when their humanity is gone. Here’s the thing, Harmony’s personality didn’t change at all. She has only become more materialistic, which can drive other vampires and some victims up the wall. Spike will tell ya, since they used to live in a cave together.

#4) Katrina (Grace Jones) from Vamp: This vampire is a seductive stripper with an odd sense of style. Katrina doesn’t speak, but if a guy wants her she digs right in. When Katrina reveals her fangs, she goes from beautiful to horrifying in a matter of seconds with a werewolf-like presence and fast growing toenails. In a way, Katrina is even scarier than Regine Dandridge from Fright Night Part 2, and that’s saying a lot. When she bites a victim, she slurps his blood right up. That’s right, slurp. Ewe!

#3) Vam-Mi (Kira Clavell and voice of Saffron Henderson) from: Ninja Turtles, the Next Mutation: This fiercely wicked Chinese vampire was separated from her heart years ago and given to the turtles. She will do anything to get it back, otherwise she will die. Vam-Mi is 2000 years old, indestructible, and a total drama queen. Even her master, the Ancient Grand Vampire Prince of the first blood, thinks she’s the silliest vampire he’s ever known because the turtles keep kicking her butt.

#2) Odette (Geena Davis) from Transylvania 6-5000: Although she’s not really a vampire, she likes to use that guise to get male attention. Odette is a sneaky beauty and is more of a nymphomaniac than a seductress, but she’s friendly, sometimes too friendly. No wonder she’s usually chained to the wall.

#1) Space Girl (Mathilda May) from Lifeforce: I’d have to say that she is the most unusual vampire in the bunch. Not only because she’s unnamed and comes from outer space, but also has different methods to claim victims. Space Girl seduces with telepathy and uses electrical impulses to literally suck people dry and can jump into different bodies to keep from getting caught by anyone. Space Girl is beautiful and never shows any fangs, unlike other vampires, but is still just as dangerous. I’ll tell ya, it doesn’t get much weirder than that.

Nov 262010

Vampires come from many different places, but did you ever think there were any from outer space? In the 80s film Lifeforce, a group of astronauts led by Colonel Carlson (Steve Railsback) investigate Haley’s Comet. Inside is a ship that’s 150 miles long and two miles high. That’s even bigger than the giant ship on Spaceballs!

There were many occupants of the ship, but Carlson and his team only find three survivors who are cryogenically frozen in crystals, a woman and two men completely nude. The astronauts decide to bring them back to Earth for further examination, but who are they? That’s the mystery.

Soon the woman wakes up. She has no name, but according to the end credits she is simply known as Space Girl (Mathilda May). Space Girl is also revealed to be a seductive vampire that uses electrical impulses from within to take the life essence from humans. You’d think a simple bite to the neck would suffice.

It’s creepy what happens to Space Girl’s victims. They literally turn to skin and bones before being reduced to dust. That is unless they feed within two hours after being attacked. At least when the victim explodes from starvation, it’s not gory. However, you will have to wear safety goggles.

Soon Space Girl escapes the space center and it’s now up to Scotland Yard Inspector Caine (Peter Firth) to recapture her. It won’t be easy though. Not only because she’s a vampire, but she can also jump from body to body easily. At least Space Girl is wearing clothes, considering that she didn’t mind walking around nude and on broken glass as if she didn’t notice.

To make matters worse, the two males break free and are also revealed to be vampires. The guards use machine guns and grenades, but no dice. Let’s face it, you can’t fight vampires that way.

As it turns out, Carlson survived but his crew did not. Space Girl was the one responsible, even though she was still asleep in her crystal. The reason Carlson survived was because Space Girl is obsessively in love with him. So much so that she made Carlson psychically connected to her. As torturing as it is for him, it was enough to help Caine track Space Girl down.

The trail soon ends at an asylum for the criminally insane. That’s where Carlson and Caine meet Dr. Armstrong (Patrick Stewart). Space Girl gets trapped inside Armstrong, but not for long. And if that weren’t bad enough, Space Girl’s vampire disease spreads like the plague. Luckily, Dr. Fallada (Frank Finlay) has found a way to kill the original three vampires. They’re highly allergic to leaded iron?

This was an interesting movie. I just don’t understand why Space Girl never revealed her name. She could be a queen vampire from Venus for all we know.