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Jul 162012

Following the success of Independence Day, there came a sci-fi film about Martians invading Earth with an all-star cast called Mars Attacks!.

It starts with hundreds of spaceships arriving on Earth, covering every square inch of the planet. After careful consideration, the President of the United States James Dale (Jack Nicholson) informs everyone by televising an announcement that these aliens could be peaceful.

Before the aliens actually land though, the movie jumps around in several directions. None of these scenes have very much to do with preparing for the aliens’ arrival. It’s just random people doing random things and played by some big stars. They include Martin Short, Danny DeVito, Michael J. Fox, Annette Bening, Jack Black, and others.

Pam Grier, who I met at Cult Fiction Drive-in 2011, is also in this movie.

That begins to change when TV show hostess Nathalie Lake (Sarah Jessica Parker) interviews Professor Donald Kessler (Pierce Brosnan) about his thoughts of the aliens as an expert in astronautics. It would go so much smoother if Nathalie would just cut down on the flirting.

It’s soon revealed that the aliens are cheesy-looking Martians that speak a bizarre language. Once they land and the leaders greet the U.S. Army and everyone who arrives on the scene, the Martians say that they come in peace. Then all of a sudden, they attack and kill people with their laser blasters as if they were having fun doing it. Nobody could have seen that coming, as rude as it was of those Martians.

With Professor Kessler’s help, the President tries to make things right with the Martians. The killing spree earlier was believed to be a cultural misunderstanding because there was a dove released to celebrate the peace and the dove was the first to be shot.

The Congress meets up with the Martians again, but this time with no applause and no birds. The Martian Ambassador is apologetic, then suddenly out of the blue, the martians kill everyone as before. Seriously, what is with these aliens? Can’t any Earthlings even talk to them without getting shot and turned into a colorful skeleton?

By this point, everyone is convinced that these Martians have no humility and like to kill for fun. The Martians even tried to infiltrate the White House and shoot up a Tom Jones concert in Vegas while destroying the Earth. How low can these monsters get?

Now the entire human race tries to escape the Martians with their lives, but an unlikely hero finds their weakness, which is a very unusual one, I might add.

I admit that this wasn’t much of a favorite. The story wasn’t too bad, but the way these Martians manipulate people is awful.

Apr 082011

The subject of aliens from outer space usually raises the question, “Is there intelligent life on other planets?” In reality that’s still unknown, but when it comes to the sci-fi genre, there are many types of alien species and planets outside the solar system. Basically, they are just like anyone else. Some are good and some aren’t. Here are a few examples of cosplay alien characters from MegaCon 2011. They include Jedi knights from Star Wars, a killer martian from Mars Attacks, and Supergirl.

That’s just the beginning. These are my top ten favorite aliens in pop culture.

#10) Alf from Alf: His real name is Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac. After Melmac exploded, lone survivor Gordon goes to Earth and was adopted by the Tanner family. There he was renamed Alf, which stands for “Alien Life Form”. His presence is kept a secret from most people, but Alf’s comedic antics always get him into trouble. Just make sure he doesn’t eat the cat.

#9) Frank the pug from Men in Black 2: He’s a talking dog, who is actually an alien in disguise. Frank is knowledgeable and witty, but annoying toward Agent Jay. Isn’t he just cute in that suit, especially when he wears sunglasses?

#8) Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama: This lobsterman is part of the Planet Express crew as a doctor, but isn’t very bright. Zoidberg is comedic and will eat anything no matter how disgusting it is.

#7) Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons: These brother/sister aliens are space travelers, who visit Earth on every Tree House of Horror episode. Whether it’s for a cameo or as part of one of the three tales, these two comedic creatures always look for a way to conquer the Earth. They like to laugh, but do they have to constantly drool? It’s disgusting.

#6) Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s version): He’s the top warlord of Dimension X, but was zapped from his body when he was given the boot. Now Krang is an alien brain with an android body. He’s also a brilliant mad scientist, who works with the Shredder to try and conquer Earth and get revenge on the turtles. Krang hardly leaves the technodrome, but he’s a much tougher opponent than he appears to be.

#5) Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) from The Fifth Element: She’s a modelesque alien, who struggles to adjust with the customs and language of Earthlings. However, Leeloo is intelligent and strong, which is important for she is the Supreme Being.

#4) Sil (Natasha Henstridge) from Species: Earth scientists engineered this modelesque alien with DNA from another planet. Sil is intelligent and strong, but also a predator who only wants to procreate. As a human she may be beautiful, but as an alien she’s as creepy as she is dangerous.

#3) Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) from Suburban Commando: He’s an intergalactic warrior, who ends up stranded on Earth. As much as he hates Earthlings, Shep tries to adjust. When faced with a problem, how he solves it always ends up with hilarious results, even when he does something heroic.

#2) Goldar from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Now here’s an evil alien, who is hard to beat, but exciting in battle. Goldar is the strongest warrior to serve Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. He’s fierce with a sword and likes to talk, but once Goldar feels that he’s losing the fight, big or small, he always retreats before the rangers get the chance to finish him off.

#1) Gonzo from The Muppet Show: For years he was only labeled as a “Whatever” or a “Weirdo”. Then in Muppets from Space, Gonzo was finally revealed as an alien. That might explain his unusual tolerance for pain and strange taste in women, but there’s more to Gonzo than what species he is. Gonzo is also a daredevil artist. As creative as his acts are, most of them backfire. However, it doesn’t stop him from coming up with something dangerously new.