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Apr 302012

Game Over – The Complete Collection (2004-2005) is a clever series featuring all types of video game characters all brought together in a little community. They’re just like regular citizens, only with highly glamorous jobs.

Each member of the Smashenburn family is based on a separate type of video game character. Rip (voice of Patrick Warburton) is a race car driver who crashes a lot. Raquel (voice of Lucy Liu) is an adventurous secret agent who regularly searches for various monkey treasures. Alice is a conservative teen that’s socially conscious. Billy is a trend obsessed preteen. And the family pet is Turbo a Pokeman reject that likes to smoke and drink. What a family.

Other characters include the Smashenburn’s neighbors, who reglularly fight ninjas on their rooftops, but can be so smug. Don’t you just hate that?

Raquel’s nemesis is Ransom Transom. He may be evenly matched to Raquel’s skills, but tends to be pretty annoying when he keeps reexplaining himself every time he speaks, starting with “I’m saying this of course, because…” Surprisingly, Ransom was only in one episode out of the six.

It’s too bad this show didn’t last very long. It showed many comedic angles of the modern video game genre.

Feb 152012

The adventures of Afro Samurai (Voice of Samuel L. Jackson) continue in the feature Afro Samurai Resurrection. It’s been a while since Afro obtained the #1 headband. Now while trying to lead a normal life, Afro faces a new threat. She is Sio (voice of Lucy Liu), a beautiful but deadly samurai warrior.

To add to the danger, Jinnosuke (as Kuma) returns for he is Sio’s brother. They both want revenge for what Afro did to them years ago. Sio steals the #1 headband and claims it for her own. She also plans to resurrect Afro’s father so she can torture him. Afro cannot stand for that.

Before Afro can fight Sio, he must retrieve the #2 headband, which is lost. Joining up with him once again is the hilarious Ninja Ninja (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) and their first stop on the journey is at a strip club in Lady Luck Town. No, it’s not for personal pleasure. Of course that won’t stop Ninja.

Afro seeks out the surviving members of the Empty Seven, since they might know where the #2 headband is. They do know, but won’t tell him willingly. Afro has to win the answer in the gambling area.

There’s a bit of a hilarious snafu, but Afro does find out that the person with the #2 headband is Shichigoro, who is a very skilled swordsman. It won’t be easy since he also has to deal with a lot of people who want revenge on Afro for the lives he has taken.

Soon Afro does find Shichigoro, but finds out that he has a young son, Kotaro. That makes it difficult for Afro to have to kill him for the #2 headband. Afro didn’t even touch his lemonade, so he must really be determined.

Shichigoro hates that the headbands cause people to kill one another. He thought that hiding the #2 headband would help end it, but he still goes through with the battle against Afro. The sword fight is exciting as it causes sparks and goes through the festival going on in the village. The other people celebrating thinks it’s all part of the show until Sio’s henchmen join in the battle.

Afro wins the fight and reclaims the #2 headband. Unfortunately, Kotaro saw Shichigoro get killed, even though he wasn’t supposed to. All Afro does is walk away now that he’s ready to find Sio and save his father.

Along the way, Afro must fight Sio’s three strongest henchmen. They are Bin who wears a funny mask with a cigar that shoots darts and has a hidden arsenal in his arms, Michael who wears a dragon costume that shoots rockets from its mouth, and Tomoe a cyborg woman with rocket feet.

Afro barely manages to defeat them in such an ironic battle. Even with several severe wounds, Afro still presses on to fight Sio. However, she’s not alone and it soon becomes the most intense battle Afro has faced yet. Ninja even refuses to stick around this time.

This was a great film to follow the Afro Samurai series. If they ever make another one, do you think there’s a chance that we’ll ever find out about Ninja’s background?

Jul 212010

Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed Kill Bill. This amazing two-volume adventure story was inspired by old martial arts movies. Uma Thurman stars as a former assassin simply named the Bride. Oddly, whenever anyone mentions her real name, it’s bleeped. That makes no sense.

As the story goes in Kill Bill – Volume One, the Bride was about to be married. Then suddenly four other assassins crash it and shoot everyone. The Bride wakes up from a coma four years later and hunts them all down one by one before heading for her former boss and lover, Bill (David Carradine).

This film is featured in chapters, but many of the basic points of the story line are out of order. For instance, at the beginning, the Bride seeks out Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) and defeats her. After that, the Bride marks Vernita off of her “Death List Five” for she was number 2. Then the rest of the movie goes into a flashback.

Number 1 on the list was O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), but the Bride has to wake up first. Little did she know that Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah), who is number 4 on the list, tried to kill the Bride by herself, but Bill stopped her just in time. It was hilarious how Elle reacted angrily. You’ve also got to admit that Elle looks hot in that nurse outfit. Oh, yeah.

It takes awhile, but after a very violent animated sequence (I think it’s Anime), the Bride was able to recover. Now it’s off to Japan to find O-Ren. However, she’s not so easy to get to because she is a top underworld boss in Tokyo, but was the easiest on the list to find because of her reputation as a top underworld boss in Tokyo.

Soon the Bride arrives at O-Ren’s place. It seems peaceful at first because the joint is jumping as an all-girl band called the 5,6,7,8s is performing. Those lovely ladies can rock and their skimpy outfits are hot too.

Then it becomes exciting as the Bride fights her way through O-Ren’s army called the Crazy 88. However, the battle is brutal because the Bride’s new samurai sword, made by Bill’s old sensei Hattori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba), easily chops off many body parts. In a way, I can see this like a video game. After a group of enemies there’s a mini boss, who is O-Ren’s personal bodyguard, Gogo Yaburi (Chiaki Kuriyama). She’s very pretty, but deadly with that spiked ball and chain.

After Gogo is defeated by a board with a nail in it, more enemies come along. As exciting as this was, this battle is turning into a major gorefest. Yuck! Then it all comes down to the final confrontation between the Bride and O-Ren. It was a good sword battle, but I was expecting more of a catfight.

The first volume stops here as the Bride goes to look for number 3 on the “Death List Five”, Bill’s brother Budd (Michael Madsen). And just when this film was getting good, but not to worry. Check my blog for part 2 when I’ll be talking about volume 2.