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Feb 202012

Hey, everyone. I had a real exciting time at one of the biggest comic book conventions in Orlando. It was a great turnout this year at MegaCon, especially since one of the biggest celebrity guests was none other than Stan Lee, creator of many franchises from Marvel Comics.

Other celebrity guests include Anime voice actors and stars from sci-fi and fantasy films, but I’ll get to those later on.

There were also a good amount of comic book artists, which include Brian Pulido the creator of Lady Death. She’s such an awesome character. Don’t you think?

Comic book artist Karl Kuras also returned this year with new issues from I Love Sushi, which contained more parodies on classic cartoons, like the Fraggles eating doozer sticks built with asbestos, Optimus Prime’s movie stardom going to his head, and Cheetara from Thundercats hitting on young Simba. Karl remembered me for my blog and once again he drew another new idea on the front page. This time he made one about Jem, which featured Rio looking forward to a threesome with Jem and Jerrica. What will he think of next?

And of course there was a lot of Cosplay from Anime characters from Soul Eater to classic superheroes like She-Ra and Storm from X-Men.

Here are a few other Cosplay characters that also looked cool.

Be sure to check my blog for future posts about celebrities and events from MegaCon 2012.

Oct 262011

Lady Death – The Motion Picture is an amazing horror fantasy about a young woman named Hope, who happens to be the daughter of Lucifer. In the guise of Matthias the crusader, Lucifer is collecting souls everywhere he goes on his wild horse.

It becomes more personal for Hope when Matthias also takes the soul of her boyfriend Niccolo. She soon witnesses Methious reveal the souls he stole, including Niccolo’s. It reminds me of how Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat used to contain souls within himself, but the effects here are so much creepier.

As the townspeople arrive on the scene, Lucifer shows his true form and retreats to the underworld. As for Hope, the townspeople sentence her to death for the sins of her father. Now that’s just not right because Hope is a kind and sweet young woman, who wouldn’t even harm a mouse.

Before Hope’s sentence is carried out, she meets Pagan a wicked jester with a face much like the Joker from Batman. In fact, he reminds me of that creepy clown from Spawn. After being burned at the stake, Hope does end up in the underworld. As creepy as it is, those are some amazing graphics.

Pegan magically brings Hope to Lucifer’s castle, where hot girls with forked tongues lounge near the throne. Lucifer also has captured and contained the souls of Hope’s mother and Niccolo. Now Hope is highly determined to destroy Lucifer, but gets thrown out before getting the chance, literally.

Later, while fighting off a couple of hellhounds, Hope discovers her true power from within that soon surfaces. It not only left her with pitch white eyes, but has completely changed her persona. Unfortunately, Hope doesn’t know how to control these powers yet. That soon changes when she meets Lucifer’s blacksmith, Cremator. They are both fighting for the same cause, so Cremator trains Hope in combat, which transforms her into Lady Death, with a montage of wardrobe evolution.

Although Lady Death can focus her powers better by melting a very large suit of armor to the ground, which Cremator would have to make all over again, she still can’t control it completely. So before facing Lucifer, Lady Death must find a special sword called Darkness, but must get past Asmodeus to get it. Asmodeus is one creepy worm monster that likes to feed on beautiful young women’s blood for fun. It gets exciting as Lady Death fights Asmodeus, but he’s hard to kill and likes to talk. Lady Death chops off his head, which was able to shut him up. It would be hilarious if it didn’t.

Now with the sword, a demon army, and a new steed that looks like a cross between a unicorn and a wildebeest, Lady Death is ready to take on Lucifer. It won’t be easy though, especially after Pegan snatches her sword.

John Swasey, who I met at Anime Festival Orlando 2011, voices some of those Generals and soldiers.

This was a good movie that has plenty of excitement and creepyness. I had no idea that demons could bleed so much.