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Jun 242015

As we all know, King Dedede is Kirby’s archenemy. There have been many Kirby games over the years, but not many that stars the villain. One of those few is Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe for Nintendo 3DS. Well technically this is only available as a Nintendo eshop download, but you get the idea.

This game is a musical platformer where King Dedede goes through a set number of levels by bouncing on drums and collecting coins in order to get medals. It’s entirely based on how high your score is after getting through each level.

The control is simple, which is how I like it. Dedede bounces on every platform automatically, but you can bounce higher by using the jump button the same way Mario would gain more height when he jumps on an enemy. It was then when I knew this would be a fun game.

Of course there are challenging obstacles. They include enemies blocking the path, defective drum platforms, and flying creatures carrying a rug to prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you, not to mention falling into holes. Luckily, that doesn’t kill you instantly, but you still lose energy when that happens.

The medals go from bronze, silver, gold, platinum. It’s usually hard to tell how high your score has to be to reach each metal since it’s different for every level. After finishing each level there are also bonus for time, collecting all the coins, taking no damage, and back beat perfect.

Now the back beat perfect is the most difficult bonus to collect. At the peak of every jump, you press the jump button again for Dedede to play his tambourine to the beat. This can by very picky at times because if you miss even once just by a little bit, you don’t get the bonus. It’s difficult enough to focus on the other three bonuses at the same time. It’s all about perfection.

This is a great game overall, especially for a portable game system that you can take anywhere. In case you were wondering, Kirby does appear but only briefly at certain points.

May 242013

That cute lung powered hero Kirby has a unique adventure in Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii. After accidentally eating a cursed tomato, a caped sorcerer named Yin-Yarn arrives and captures Kirby in a magic sock. I wonder if that sock had ever been washed.

Suddenly, Kirby finds himself in Patch Land; a whole world completely made of yarn. He also discovers that his lungpower doesn’t work because he is now made of yarn. Luckily, Kirby finds a friend, Prince Fluff. He can be arrogant sometimes, but helps Kirby learn the ropes in Patch Land.

Kirby’s new skills give him a neat edge. He can turn himself into different things to get out of jams. For instance, to go fast, Kirby turns into a car, to swim he turns into a fish, to pound enemies and floors he becomes a heavy weight, to float down from high places, Kirby becomes a parachute, and to slip through tight spots Kirby turns into a string of thread. Just watch out for the enemy scissors.

Kirby attacks with a whip and can use it to unravel hidden treasures and swing on buttons. Be sure to check around because there are three hidden treasures on every level.

Then there are boss levels. Since Patch Land was separated into eight pieces, Kirby must find the magic yarns to bring them all back together again. There’s always a trick to fighting a boss, but they all have one thing in common. The red button is the key. Defeat the boss and you get a thread.

The bosses don’t officially end each world. If you collect enough gems during the boss battle, you can open another stage that couldn’t be opened before. It’s not always easy because you lose gems every time you take any hits. However, you can always revisit any stage, including boss levels, since they’re such neat characters.

There are also areas where Kirby turns into something special like a tank, a spaceship, a fire truck, or whatever else is required to get through a level. Some transformations are neat, while others are very tricky. My least favorite is the train because if the tracks aren’t drawn in exactly the right place, it doesn’t follow the path and that can be frustrating at times.

Kirby actually stays at an apartment complex. The landlord is Dom Woole, who also tries to get more tenants and expand the place. You use the furniture treasures you find to attract new tenants who provide new challenges to earn new items for redecorating purposes.

As the story progresses, Yin-Yarn goes back to Dream Land and captures King DeeDeeDee. I was wondering if King DeeDeeDee was going to be in this game, considering that he is Kirby’s arch nemesis.

This was a great platform game, even though it did get some negative reviews about being too easy. What truly stands out is how Patch Land was creatively put together. It’s like a seamstress’s dream world with everything made of yarn, cloth, and anything else related.