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Jun 082016

Welcome back. One of the celebrities I met at MegaCon this year was Anime voice actress Monica Rial, who was really sweet. She had her autograph table nicely decorated too. Here are some characters I remember her best for.

Yukari from Rosario + Vampire: She’s a young witch that usually uses her powers to prank people. Like the other principle female monsters, Yukari is in love with Tsukune. As the youngest in the group, Yukari has a “little sister” persona. It especially shows when she annoys Kurumu. You got to love her.

Tsubaki from Soul Eater: This young assassin is the weapon partner of meister Black Star, but unlike other weapons, Tsubaki can transform into a variety of ninja weapons. That’s really quite amazing. She’s also the levelheaded part of the duo, since she always has to put up with Black Star’s constant arrogance. At least Tsubaki knows how to keep Black Star quiet with a shuriken to the head. Don’t worry, it’s not a vital organ.

Lumiere from Kiddy Grade: This young GOTT receptionist may not have any physical abilities, but don’t underestimate her. Lumiere has an incredible mind that can control any computer unit. She’s also calm and collective. Yet she always tends to remind her partner Éclair to be more ladylike when she gets wild and crazy. Of course, Éclair never listens. Despite that, Lumiere makes a great teammate.

What are some of your favorites?

May 202015

Vic Mignogna

I am so glad that I got to meet Vic Mignogna as CollectiveCon 2015, since he was such a nice guy. He voiced many Anime characters. In fact I can still remember at John Swasey’s Q&A panel at Anime Festival Orlando 2010 that Vic was like the Brad Pitt of Anime voice actors. These are the roles I remember best.

Spirit Albarn from Soul Eater: This demon weapon is Maka’s father and Dr. Franken Stein’s former weapon partner. Spirit tends to be easily angered and reacts to things in a hilarious manner, especially when it comes to his relationship with his daughter. Good thing Lord Death knows how to calm him down with a Reaper chop to the head.

Vega from Street Fighter 2 V: Being one of the most popular characters in the franchise, this Spanish cage fighter needs no introduction. In this series, Vega is a suave 18-year-old bullfighter that has a thing for Chun Li. As a cage fighter, Vega is very brutal. However, I don’t understand why his match with Ken Masters had to drag out for three episodes.

 photo Dextera.jpg

Dextera from Kiddy Grade: He’s the right hand man of Eclipse and is well respected among the GOTT, along with his partner Sinistra. He doesn’t show much personality, but is a strong leader with plenty of strength and speed.

Are there any other characters you’d like to add?

Nov 132012

Welcome to another addition of Actor Spotlight. Today is about Colleen Clinkenbeard, who I met at MegaCon 2010. Not only has she voiced many characters in Anime, but is also a line producer and director for Anime as well. These are some of my favorite characters she voiced.

Marie Mjolnir from Soul Eater: She may be a tough Death Scythe, but is also carefree and absent-minded. One of my most favorite highlights is that Marie is so unlucky in love that she would even marry a toilet. Talk about desperate.

Moka Akashiya from Rosario Vampire: This vampire girl has two personas, which is why two different voice actors voice her. Colleen Clinkenbeard voices Moka’s dark persona, which is only revealed when Tsukune removes Moka’s Rosario from her neck. Though cold and arrogant, this version of Moka is very useful when a monster needs to be put in their place.

Falis/Alita from Murder Princess: Due to a mysterious body switch, this bounty hunter became a princess, but she makes the most of her situation by fighting her own battles to defend the Forland Kingdom. Falis/Alita is an awesome fighter that can take on any kind of opponent, human or monster. As for taking on the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom, that’s another story.

Yuko Ichihara from XXXholic: This mysterious woman runs a wish granting shop and helps people with their problems, for a fee. As Watanuki’s employer, Yuko likes to take advantage of him by piling extra duties like cooking meals for her. Yuko is also funny, especially when she drinks with Mokona, or drives Watanuki crazy.

Éclair from Kiddy Grade: She’s a young receptionist who goes on missions with her young partner Lumiere, traveling to different planets to ensure normal economic operation. Éclair is a skilled fighter that’s always willing to spring into action. As noble as Éclair is, her methods and skimpy outfits often make Lumiere tell her to be more ladylike. Of course, Éclair never listens. Got to love her.

Rinmei Shokan from Hero Tales: Now here’s a beauty with skills. She is wise and can fight off enemies as well as she can prepare a meal. Rinmei is definitely a beauty you wouldn’t want to mess with, but it’s funny when she has to tolerate the men on her team when they become annoying.

Flight Attendant from Master of Martial Hearts: Though her name is never revealed, this hot fighter is highly skilled and strong. Her handbag can bust through a wall, or knock an opponent senseless. She also has a scarf that shoots spikes when used like a whip. As creative of a fighter Flight Attendant is, she was only the first of many on this series.

Colleen Clinkenbeard was so sweet and I was glad to have met her. What are some of your favorite characters she voiced?

Sep 142012

Kiddy Grade (2002-2003) takes place in a future time, where the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT for short) upholds the law throughout the galaxy as a universal police force. Every team of two has special powers they use in the battlefield. The main members the series focuses on are low-level members Éclair and Lumiere.

Éclair is a tough fighter with a lipstick whip, which is convenient for battling robots or a night on the town. Lumiere is Éclair’s young partner with the ability to control computer units. While having to put up with Éclair’s rash behavior, Lumiere always nags that she should learn to be more elegant, even during a battle.

Colleen Clinkenbeard, who I met at MegaCon 2011, voices the role of Éclair.

Sometimes other GOTT teams become involved in Éclair and Lumiere’s missions. Alv and Dvergr are a higher level duo and tend to act smug. Their main powers are to absorb energy and to move around more efficiently when a gravity bomb goes off.

There’s also Tweedledee who can control electricity and her brother and partner Tweedledum who has magnet power.

Another duo I found interesting was Viola and Cesario. Viola is a cute little girl with the ability to disperse matter on a molecular level, which she calls Calamity. Her partner Cesario doesn’t talk much, unlike Viola who is a bit of a chatterbox, but his power is an energy source for Calamity. At times I was under the impression that they were brother and sister, even though they’re not related.

As the series progresses, it goes in a whole new direction. The number one rule of the GOTT is to always follow orders, whatever they are. When Éclair refuses to obey an order with evil tendencies, she and Lumiere are labeled as traitors. Now they’re on the lam while uncovering a conspiracy behind the GOTT. Why couldn’t it have just stuck with the original story line of Éclair and Lumiere traveling to different planets on crime fighting missions?

This was a good series. Unlike most Anime shows, Kiddy Grade doesn’t have as many exaggerated comical moments, which I find a little disappointing, but still has plenty of sci-fi related action.