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Dec 192014

Christmas is almost here and just last weekend I attended Holiday Matsuri. It’s been a while since the last time I went and for the first time I didn’t get any autographs. That’s okay because there were some great events to see. Here are some of the highlights.

There was Geekapella, a singing group with very tight harmony. They sang about video games, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. There was even a song that was a cross between Batman and Fallout Boy called Fallout Bat. That’s pretty clever.

Another major highlight was a Q&A panel with George Lowe. He was funnier than ever as he talked about his time on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast along with other shows and disclaimers.

Sailor Scouts_resized

And of course, there was plenty of cosplay from Sailor Scouts to Disney princesses.

I certainly had a good time at this Anime convention. It was a great way to start the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sep 092009

Although I had not seen the original Space Ghost cartoon series from the 60’s before, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Vols. 1-3 (1994-2004) is a very clever show with its own brand of humor and talk show setup. I find it interesting when the guest stars respond to Space Ghost’s questions with things out of the ordinary, especially when Space Ghost asks them about their superpowers.

Zorak provides the music with his band, The Original Way-Outs. I don’t know how many times Space Ghost has blasted Zorak. What’s amazing is that Zorak always recovers from it very quickly. I wonder if he likes it, deep down.

Moltar has a good position in the control room as director, where he sometimes has his own private conversations with a guest star or a fellow villain, or if he just wants to sit back and watch ChiPs. I’ll tell ya, Moltar has a great setup there.

Space Ghost's Surf and TurfSpace Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que

Space Ghost’s Musical Bar-B-Que: Featuring 25 Hickory-Smoked Harmonies (Television Soundtrack)and Space Ghost’s Surf & Turf: With 22 Tiki-Torched Tunes are also creative with their brand of humor.  Some of the songs like Put your Sox on Mama, Ramblin’ and Wanderin’, and Highway 40 Revisited are the types of songs you would perform at a picnic or a barbecue for a fun relaxing time.


My most memorable highlight was when I got to meet the show’s two stars, George Lowe (voice of Space Ghost) and C. Martin Croker (voice of Zorak and Moltar).

George Lowe

Photo # 1 My sister took the photo in the middle of me blinking

George Lowe2

Photo # 2 George Lowe held my eyes open to prevent furthur blinking

George Lowe was hilarious. When my sister and I met him at FX Convention 2008, hardly anyone stopped by for an autograph. A random guy walks by and coughs a really nasty deep cough.  George Lowe reacted by saying very loudly, “Thank you sir! Yes. Share your phlegm with Space Ghost.”


Then he writes several things on the autograph picture. First was, “Moltar wears girls panties with racing stripes.” I asked George if Moltar was still giving him a hard time. He replied, “Moltar sucks.” Next he writes, “Here’s a snack tip. Panty pudding.” After getting my picture(s), George Lowe writes one last thing. “Thank you for not touching me.”  Which is a little ironic because as you can see in the picture above, he’s the one touching me. The second time I met George Lowe was at Mega Con 2008. He remembered me. For this second autograph photo he writes about flavored Doodle cream for a snack tip. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but it always leave you laughing.

C. Martin Croker and me

I met C. Martin Croker at DragonCon 2008.  He didn’t talk as much as George Lowe, but he did a great Space Ghost impersonation.