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Jan 282011

In the fourth installment, Batman & Robin, the dynamic duo goes up against Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Chris O’Donnell returns as Robin with a different suit, but George Clooney is Batman this time around. Personally I thought Val Kilmer was the better Batman.

The action is a lot smoother. Batman and Robin have amazing jumping skills and Mr. Freeze’s freeze gun has a way cool effect. (Pun intended.) Arnold Schwarzenegger also makes it look so easy to manuver in that heavy armor. The role fits him perfectly.

Pamela Isley was a scientist before she drowned in toxins and chemicals that turned her into Poison Ivy. Now she is a temptress that can control plant life and kills people with her kisses. She’s not alone though. Helping Poison Ivy is Bane (Jeep Swenson). He is a very strong villain that’s all muscle and no brain, which is the right type bodyguard for a villainess.

The lovely Alicia Silverstone plays Barbara, Alfred’s (Michael Gough) niece, who becomes Batgirl. I looked forward to seeing her in this film after I enjoyed seeing her on Clueless. Here, I get to see her kicking Poison Ivy’s butt. Unfortunately, that’s the only time Batgirl fights anyone.

It seems like Bruce Wayne has a different girlfriend in each film. He’s like James Bond when it comes to commitment. This time he’s dating Julie Madison (Elle Macpherson). Now where did she come from? And what happened to Dr. Chase Meridian from the last Batman movie?

Even though this movie was considered a box office flop, I still really enjoyed it. The dynamic duo has become the dynamic trio. I could have seen another sequel coming from this, featuring more of Batman’s archenemies. Like Harley Quinn, perhaps? Now there’s an opponent for Batgirl.

Oct 182010
From Dusk Till Dawn is about Seth (George Clooney) and Richard (Quentin Tarantino, who also wrote the screenplay), two cop killing brothers who take Jake (Harvey Keitel) a widowed preacher and his two kids, Scott (Ernest Liu) and Kate (Juliette Lewis), hostage as they head down to Mexico on the run.
After an intense trip, they all arrive at a club called “The Titty Twister”. That’s a tender name for a bar with strippers. Only to find out that it’s infested with vampires. No wonder it’s a private bar for bikers and truck drivers only.
Now here’s a funny scene. Two bikers sit a table. One biker named Sex Machine (Tom Savini) snatches a beer from the other with a whip. The other guy pulls out a knife, but Sex Machine reveals a mini machinegun from his belt buckle, which causes the other guy to put his knife away. At least I think it was his belt buckle.


The bartender was Razor Charlie. Danny Trejo, who I met at Spooky Empire 2010, played him. He was a nice guy and pointed out that this autographed photo from his latest film Machete was his favorite among the ones he had. 


Salma Hayek plays Santanico Pandemonium, the top exotic dancer and primary queen vampire. As hot as she was, the way she pours the alcohol on herself for Richard to drink off of her was pretty grotesque. 


It then becomes a fight for surviving the night. As the vampires get slayed, there is no consistent effect. Some turn to dust, some explode like the zombies from The Evil Dead, some burn up, and others just lay dead on the ground, then burn up. 

After many slayings and casualties, the survivors regroup. Where there are truck drivers, there are shipments of all sorts of different items. The survivors get real creative using them as weaponry against the vampires. My most favorite was that motorized wooden stake Seth uses. 

This was a good vampire horror movie. I can remember when George Clooney won the award for Best Breakthrough Performance on the 1996 MTV Movie Awards for his role as Seth Gecko. Now if only the vampire part had started sooner, then I would’ve known that it really was that kind of a horror film.