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Aug 032016
Anime Festival Orlando was awesome this year. Among the celebrity guests who attended was voice actor Gregg Berger. He had voiced some great characters over the years and was a really nice guy who enjoys what he does. Here are my favorite characters.
Image result for garfield and friends odie
Odie from Garfield franchise: Next to Garfield, this friendly unintelligent dog is the most iconic. One thing I always found peculiar about Odie is that in a franchise where all animals can talk, he’s the only one that doesn’t and there’s no explanation why. At least Odie understands what the other animals say.
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Orson Pig from Garfield and Friends: I often think that Orson is the leadership figure of the U.S. Acres because he is the most sensible of the group. Orson is also a bookworm and sometimes thinks he’s the hero of the stories he reads. The most common is his superhero alter ego, Power Pig. Of course I can’t blame Orson for wanting to play pretend once in a while since he has to put up with the hijinks of his friends, not to mention his older brothers that treat him like a runt.
On a side note: Gregg autographed my Garfield and Friends, Volume 1 DVD set while doing the voice of Orson.
Floyd the Mouse
Floyd the mouse from Garfield and Friends: We all know that Garfield is not a mouser. As a result, Floyd becomes a good friend of his. As far as I can tell, the only things that separate Floyd from other mice are his bulgy eyes and his brand of humor that works when paired with the funny cat.
Cornfed Pig from Duckman: This detective is Duckman’s partner and the more sensible member of the duo. Cornfed is highly intelligent and skilled in many ways. I can definitely tell by the way he talks, despite that he also comes off as a chatterbox.
Grimlock from Transformers (80s version): He’s the leader of the Dinobots and transforms into a T-Rex. Like the other Dinobots, Grimlock is pretty stubborn and always up for taking action. When it comes to the Dinobots, Grimlock is really the only one who stands out as an individual. It might have to do with the action figure I have with the other Transformers I’ve kept over the years.
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AB Sitter from Fantastic Max: He’s a toy robot with the persona of an overprotective adult. AB is often intent on telling Max what to do. Of course, Max doesn’t listen. That’s what makes his rule telling so funny. AB may often be uptight, but his heart is in the right place.
What are some of your favorite characters?
Nov 232009

I remember back when my sister and I used to watch the classic series Duckman: Four Season Pack (1994-1997), which is based on the comic book. Since this was one of our favorties and that today is my sister’s birthday, I dedicate today’s post to her.

Jason Alexander stars as the voice of Duckman a widowed perverted duck, who is both a private detective and a family man. He lives with his wife’s twin sister Bernice, who is very bossy, and has a dimwitted teenage son Ajax and siamese twin sons Charles and Mambo.

Duckman’s coworkers are Cornfed the pig, who is Duckman’s more sensible and surprisingly skilled partner. (Is there anything he can’t do?) And two cute secretary bears, Fluffy and Uranus. Duckman is always killing them, but they always come back. It’s kind of like the same feeling one might have towards Barney.

Duckman’s arch nemesis is a master of disguise named King Chicken (voice of Tim Curry, who is one of my sister’s favorite actors). He’s rarely featured in the series, much like Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons. But when King Chicken is around, he leaves quite an impact in his attempts to take revenge on Duckman for when he used to pick on him in school. Too bad King Chicken always gets away.

The animation is along the style of Ren and Stimpy only not so disgusting, with possibly the exception of Duckman’s son Ajax eating mayonnaise out of the jar, gum off the sidewalk, and a chocolate bar off the ground. “Ewe. This isn’t a chocolate bar.”

It’s a great series. This show’s brand of humor is terrific. They sure knew how to bring everything to extremes, which makes it so creative. I must admit that despite the comparison, Duckman is no Nick Toon.