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Sep 072016

It’s true that there are quite a few movie versions of Snow White, but there are seldom any versions that take place after the events of the classic fairytale. One such feature is Happily Ever After.

After the Wicked Queen’s death, the demonic creatures that served her run amok as though they are glad to not have a ruler anymore. Then who would expect that the queen had a brother? He’s a wizard named Lord Maliss, who is just as evil if not worse. It seems so strange that he just popped in at the castle when he did.

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For added comic relief, another villain that’s commonly featured is Scowl the Owl (voice of Ed Asner) and his friendly companion Batso. Scowl tries to help out Maliss, but ends up bumbling everything. It’s like he’s trying too hard to be evil. Of course the real distraction is that Scowl is always smoking a cigar. It’s so annoying. Who ever heard of an owl that smokes all the time.

As for Snow White, she and her Prince (who is unnamed for some reason) are on their way to get married only to be attacked by Maliss, who has the ability to turn into a dragon at will. By the way, Maliss desires revenge for what happened to his sister.

You might expect the Looking Glass to be creepy, but it really isn’t. That’s mainly because Dom DeLuise, who I can always expect to be funny, voices the role.

With the Prince captured, Snow White seeks out the seven dwarves for help. Unfortunately, they’re no where to be found. Instead, Snow White finds their cousins, the seven Dwarfelles, who are female dwarves with magical powers related to nature. They are Muddy, Sunburn, Blossom, Marina, Critterina, Moonbeam, and little Thunderella. Like the dwarves, these ladies are named after their personalities as well as their powers.

The Dwarfelles’ power comes from Mother Nature (voice of Phyllis Diller). I’ve seen versions of Mother Nature on The Smurfs and on Christmas specials about the Miser Brothers and I’ll tell you, this version is not one to take lightly, especially when she threatens to take away the Dwarfelles’ powers for making mistakes. Since Mother Nature does make mistakes herself, it sounds a bit hypocritical.

Along the way to Lord Maliss’s castle, Snow White finds a strange humanoid called the Shadow Man, who looks like he could be a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Snow White believes he’s good, but the Dwarfelles don’t. Could it be because he looks different, or that he doesn’t speak? Either way, I think the Shadow Man could be a good guy that’s just misunderstood.

This was an interesting movie with its level of fairytale adventure. You can really tell that Snow White has grown in skill since her previous adventure in the woods. She’s braver and more resourceful, but could there be any other relatives wanting revenge for the Wicked Queen?

Jul 272011

Gene Wilder directed, co-wrote, and stars in the horror comedy, Haunted Honeymoon. It’s about two radio actors, Larry Abbott (Gene Wilder) and Vicki Pearl (Gilda Radner), who go to Larry’s family estate in Stormville, New York for their wedding. However, Larry is afraid to get married. According to Larry’s uncle, Dr. Abbott (Paul L. Smith), the only cure is to scare him to death. How Dr. Abbott plans to do it involves the ideal situation.

After Larry and Vicki arrive at the estate, they first meet Fister (Bryan Pringle) the family butler. He is hilariously blunt with his memory and hearing that comes and goes. However, Fister doesn’t forget when Larry tells him that Vicki is hard of hearing, even though she’s not.

At points it appears that a werewolf is stalking around the estate, but who is he? Furthermore, is it really a werewolf?

Soon, other family members arrive, which include Larry’s cousin Charlie (Jonathon Price) and his girlfriend Silvia (Eve Ferret). Coincidentally, Silvia was Larry’s ex-girlfriend and still has a thing for him. Vicki doesn’t like it and leaves the impression that she wants to punch Silvia’s lights out. Yet she never does.

Another hilarious scene was when Fister’s wife Rachael (Ann Way) the maid catches Fister drinking by the fireplace. He gets startled and spits in the fire. Rachael even tries to snatch his flask, but Fister always carries a spare.

Dom Deluise plays the role of Larry’s Aunt Kate. She believes a werewolf is after her and her fortune and that it’s someone in the Abbott family. The reason Kate thinks it’s a werewolf is because her brother was one and the condition was passed on. Hmm, the plot thickens.

Kate also shows her joyous side when she and Vicki do a song and dance number called Ballin’ the Jack. I found that enjoyable.

As it turns out, someone in the family is after Kate, but accidentally kills her son Francis Jr. (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) because he likes to dress up like Kate while doing impressions of her. Too bad we don’t get to see that.

Later, Larry finds the body in his bed and a zombie walking on the wall. Could it be a part of Dr. Abbott’s therapy?

It doesn’t end there. The hallway is bricked up, the piano plays by itself, and Vicki appears as a ghostly bride. After that fiasco, Larry gets knocked unconscious and put into a coffin to be buried alive. Now that can be scary since no one can hear Larry scream.

I liked this film for its brand of humor. The werewolf being the main part of the horror element was hardly ever featured. I found that disappointing, but the comedy definitely makes up for it.