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Oct 312012

It’s Halloween once again. Since I started blogging, I always make a special post for this time of year. First it was about Dangerously Seductive Vampire Women. Next was Creepy Exploration Video Games. Then came most favorite Werewolves.

This year it’s an Actor Spotlight on scream queen Rose McGowan, who was a thrill to meet at Spooky Empire 2012. She has had many great roles over the years, but here are some of my most favorite characters.

Paige Matthews from Charmed: After Prue Halliwell gets killed, there was one last hope for the Charmed Ones and Paige was it. She is half-witch and half-white lighter, which means she can orb anywhere and can fight evil with an active power. All Paige has to do is say the name of an object and she can either grab it or deflect it. Paige can be rebellious at times, but her heart is always in the right place.

Tatum Riley from Scream: She’s a spunky teenager who tries to protect her best friend Sidney Prescott from the media after a series of murders begin. Tatum is definitely not afraid to retaliate with a witty remark when angered. Unfortunately, her demise was brutal after being crushed in a garage door and she was never mentioned again in the sequels as other murdered characters were.

Miss Kitty from Monkeybone: This sexy feline is a waitress and one of many figments in the realm Stu Miley gets trapped in while he’s in a coma. Miss Kitty is a very helpful ally, but can also be real fierce when it comes to her appetite for the talking rats.

Cherry Darling from Planet Terror: Now here’s a sexy stripper with an edge. After losing her leg during a zombie outbreak, Cherry gets a machinegun as a replacement. Then uses it and her other “useless talents” to become an ultimate zombie killing machine. She also has a witty sense of humor, which also makes her a big favorite.

Pam from Deathproof: She was merely an innocent bystander at a bar looking for a ride home and eventually gets one from Stuntman Mike, only to end up as his first victim. How I remember Pam best was when she was jamming to the music while Stuntman Mike was getting his lap dance.



Jan 222010

Welcome back. This next film Grindhouse Presents, Death Proof – Extended and Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition) is more of a slasher, which stars Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike, a stuntman with a killer car. Metaphorically and literally speaking.

This movie also features two different groups of lovely young women. The first group includes Rose McGowan in a much different role from Planet Terror, Vanessa Ferlito (who I remember as one of the cheerleaders from Man of the House), and Sydney Pointier as Jungle Julia the DJ who likes to show her gorgeous legs. (Oh, yeah.) Even Marley Shelton returns as a nurse named Dakota. What are the odds, right?

The jukebox plays all sorts of great music. That, along with the comedic characters, makes the bar a nice laid back environment, including the lap dance that was supposably “cut short”.

The second group includes Rosario Dawson (who I remember best as Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats the movie), Tracie Thoms (who I remember from the short lived comedy series Wonderfalls), and stuntwoman Zoë Bell as herself. They’re all on a road trip only to be attacked by Stuntman Mike. Doesn’t he ever quit?

I met Zoë Bell at the FX Convention in 2008. She was really nice. When I got her autograph, I found out that she was a stunt double on Xena: Warrior Princess and Kill Bill. My sister and I even told Zoë that we were looking forward to seeing her in more films. She excitedly crosses her fingers and says, “Me too.”

These movies are both great overall, filled with the perfect combination of action and sex appeal.