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Mar 152013

Highly skilled warriors have always been both inspirational and interesting heroes in pop culture. From martial artists to “chosen ones” with special powers, these ladies really make an impression with their amazing skills. Here are some of my favorites, who I find fascinating.

#10) Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) from Red Sonja: This warrior is not only highly skilled with a sword, but also has an amazing jumping ability. I like to think of Sonja as a pre-Xena kind of warrior woman, even though she is difficult, especially when it comes to winning her heart by defeating her in a fair fight.

#9) Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) from Wing Chun: Now here’s a martial artist like no other. She not only has fast reflexes, some of which are highly exaggerated, but also has a comedic wit. Wing Chun makes all of her fight moves look so smooth and easy that not even the toughest bandits can touch her. Her only limit is that she never kills. She only toys with her foes. It’s all part of what makes Wing Chun a big favorite of mine.

#8) Alice (Milla Jovovich) from Resident Evil films: Amazing combat skills and smooth moves are what make her the hottest heroine in the franchise. Whenever faced with ravenous zombies, mutant canines, or other dangerous beasts, Alice will fight it. Alice’s abilities are so extraordinary that Umbrella Corp decided to make many clones of her, which keep getting killed in their deadly obstacle course. It just seems so wasteful.

#7) Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: She was once a high school cheerleader, only to receive the strength and skill of a type of warrior called the slayer. Now Buffy spends much of her spare time battling evil supernatural beings from vampires to demons and sometimes the rebellious slayer Faith with her martial arts and comedic wit. Luckily, Buffy never has to fight alone.

#6) Helen (Gina Torres) from Cleopatra 2525: She leads the trio of freedom fighters and is the only one who can communicate with the anonymous Voice because of the receptor inside her ear. Helen is a courageous fighter, but has a personal grudge against Creegan for murdering her father. Whenever Helen faces Creegan she struggles to stay focused on the task at hand. Luckily, her teammates Sarge and Cleo are always there to watch her back.

#5) Princess Amelia (Amber Benson) from Attack of the Gryphon: She is the princess of Lockland and a noble leader. Whatever the adversary, man or beast, Amelia shows no fear, especially when there’s a task. I admire her devotion, but she hardly ever loosens up. I wonder what Amelia does on her leisure time when she’s not fighting battles, or going on quests to save her kingdom.

#4) Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. the Bride (Uma Thurman) from Kill Bill: She was a trained assassin specialized with any kind of weapon. When Beatrix decides to give up that lifestyle, she gets hunted down and nearly killed by Bill, her lover and sensei. Although Beatrix’s main focus is revenge, I sure admire her will power. Even against overwhelming odds, she never lets up.

#3) Chun-Li from Street Fighter franchise: Ever since her first appearance on the Street Fighter 2 Super NES video game, Chun-Li has always been a huge favorite in the franchise with her jumping skill, powerful kicking moves, and sex appeal. There have been at least several versions of Chun-Li over the years, but her story is always the same. She didn’t become a street fighter for personal glory. Chun-Li merely wants revenge on Bison for her father’s murder. Here are a few of my favorite movie versions.

Street Fighter: Ming Na plays the role as a reporter covering the war in Shadowloo, but also goes undercover in an attempt to take her revenge.

Street Fighter 2 the Animated Movie: In this Anime film, Chun-Li is an Interpol agent. She has the same grudge against Bison, but always keeps a clear head because she knows that duty comes before personal feelings.

Street Fighter the Legend of Chun-Li: The most recent version played by Kristin Kreuk features more of Chun-Li’s background, including how she learns to use the Hado fireball from later Street Fighter video games.

#2) Xena (Lucy Lawless) from Xena Warrior Princess: She was once a dangerous warlord, but thanks to Hercules she now uses the many skills she developed over the years to become a heroic warrior. Like Hercules, Xena travels around helping others in need while making up for a lifetime of evil. Some of her fighting moves are highly exaggerated, but I admire her strength because even while Xena is vulnerable, she can still kick butt easily.

#1) Charmed Ones from Charmed: If there’s one team of women that deserve to be on top, it’s the Halliwell sisters.

Prue (Shannen Doherty) is the courageous leader. Combined with her telekinetic powers, I definitely see Prue worthy of the title Noble Warrior.

Piper (Holly Marie Combs) has the power to freeze anything in its place. Her powers eventually expand with the ability to blow up enemies. Of course it’s really Piper’s comedic persona, which usually comes from being irritated, that makes her a big favorite.

Phoebe’s (Alyssa Milano) power is only limited to premonitions, but don’t underestimate her. Phoebe’s martial art skills always pack quite a punch in battle.

Then there’s Paige (Rose McGowan), who is half witch and half white lighter. Her telekinetic power is different from Prue’s, but still just as useful in battle. It’s also neat that Paige can orb anywhere at anytime, which gives the Charmed ones more of an edge.

Oct 312012

It’s Halloween once again. Since I started blogging, I always make a special post for this time of year. First it was about Dangerously Seductive Vampire Women. Next was Creepy Exploration Video Games. Then came most favorite Werewolves.

This year it’s an Actor Spotlight on scream queen Rose McGowan, who was a thrill to meet at Spooky Empire 2012. She has had many great roles over the years, but here are some of my most favorite characters.

Paige Matthews from Charmed: After Prue Halliwell gets killed, there was one last hope for the Charmed Ones and Paige was it. She is half-witch and half-white lighter, which means she can orb anywhere and can fight evil with an active power. All Paige has to do is say the name of an object and she can either grab it or deflect it. Paige can be rebellious at times, but her heart is always in the right place.

Tatum Riley from Scream: She’s a spunky teenager who tries to protect her best friend Sidney Prescott from the media after a series of murders begin. Tatum is definitely not afraid to retaliate with a witty remark when angered. Unfortunately, her demise was brutal after being crushed in a garage door and she was never mentioned again in the sequels as other murdered characters were.

Miss Kitty from Monkeybone: This sexy feline is a waitress and one of many figments in the realm Stu Miley gets trapped in while he’s in a coma. Miss Kitty is a very helpful ally, but can also be real fierce when it comes to her appetite for the talking rats.

Cherry Darling from Planet Terror: Now here’s a sexy stripper with an edge. After losing her leg during a zombie outbreak, Cherry gets a machinegun as a replacement. Then uses it and her other “useless talents” to become an ultimate zombie killing machine. She also has a witty sense of humor, which also makes her a big favorite.

Pam from Deathproof: She was merely an innocent bystander at a bar looking for a ride home and eventually gets one from Stuntman Mike, only to end up as his first victim. How I remember Pam best was when she was jamming to the music while Stuntman Mike was getting his lap dance.



Jul 232012

Welcome to another addition of Actor Spotlight. I have met quite a few cast members from Charmed. At MegaCon 2012, I got to meet Michael Bailey Smith, who played several different demons on the series, while he was promoting his newest film Blood Shot.

Here is a list of those Charmed demons.

Belthazor: This demon is the most common character Michael Bailey Smith played on Charmed. He is the demon half of Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner, who also becomes Phoebe’s love interest. Belthazor was once the Source’s right hand demon, but his love for Phoebe helped him become a helpful ally with his strength, energy balls, and demon knowledge. Belthazor eventually gets vanquished, leaving Cole free to be human again, at least for awhile.

Grimlock: Although they look like an undead version of the Blue Man Group, these demons are not musical. They actually steal the eyesight of children, then later consume them.

Shax: With his hurricane wind powers and desire to kill, this demon hit man is one of the most dangerous demons the Charmed ones have faced, especially since he was the one who killed Prue.

Michael Bailey Smith was a very friendly gentleman and I enjoyed meeting him.

Nov 112009

Welcome back. After the third season of Charmed, Shannen Doherty left the series to host the reality show Scare Tactics. What an interesting transition. She went from fighting scary demons to pulling scary pranks on people.

For season four of Charmed, through the end of the series, Rose McGowan joined the cast as half sister, Paige. She was great, but I still liked Prue. She was a dedicated leader, like what Leonardo is to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She knew how to fight like a warrior with her telekinesis. Demons beware.

I met Shannen Doherty at Spooky Empire 2009. Yes, I was well aware of her bad girl reputation, but I’m not one to prejudge. When I went to get her autograph, she was so sweet. Surprisingly, she had the shortest line.

Shannon Doherty

Later, I went to get my photo with Shannen. She remembered me by name, which was a first for me. She was also making sure that I was having a good time at the convention, which I was.

Shannon Doherty and me

Then came the Q&A panel with Shannen Doherty. Although Shannen has left her bad girl reputation behind her, she still feels awkward when fans ask her if she really is a bitch. I don’t blame her for feeling that way. Personally, I don’t think she’s a bitch at all, especially after meeting her in person. As far as I could tell, it’s mostly just bad press.

In fact, this gets me thinking back to when Shannen Doherty was on Saturday Night Live back in 1993. This wasn’t mentioned at the Q&A panel, but I remember that there were a couple of sketches that poked fun at her for being a bad girl. At the opening monologue, Shannen showed footage from her wedding and she had a very short temper with everyone, including the cameraman. That was a real bridezilla right there.

Then there was a sketch that took place during the Salem witch trials, where Shannen played Abigail Walcott, who was on trial for bitchcraft. It was funny, but I’m surprised that she was actually willing to go through with something like that.

Later on, Brian Krause joined in the Q&A panel to talk about Charmed.  His favorite “Leo” moment on the series was when Leo was dead and gets brought back to life.

Shannen Doherty

As for Shannen Doherty, she mentioned that playing Prue was a delight. She liked that Prue embraced her powers and was like Neo from The Matrix. She did all of her own stunts. It may have been grueling, taxing, and hard on her body, but she found it very rewarding and loved the experience. Shannen’s most favorite episode was her last episode, “All Hell Breaks Loose”, which she also directed. Not because it was her last episode, she thought it was cool directing her own death scene. Her least favorite episode was, “She’s a Man, Baby, a Man”, when Prue gets turned into a man. Shannen felt awkward about wearing facial hair and a prosthetic “you know what”.

As for why Shannen Doherty left Charmed when she did. Well, she just came to a crossroads and decided not to continue with the role. Looking back now, she has no regrets. Shannen was happy with the choice she made. The same goes for all of the other movies and TV shows that she has been in. Shannen sees each project as a new learning experience. One things for sure, Shannon is an actress first. So there’s not much of a chance that she’ll ever do another reality show, not even Dancing with the Stars. Then again, reality TV shows like America’s Next Top Model and Hell’s Kitchen are some of her guilty pleasures.