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Jan 212014

We all know about the story of Merlin (George Milan) the sorcerer, but Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders doesn’t take place in the time of Camelot. In the modern day, Merlin and his wife Zurella (Bunny Summers) run a magic shop of mystical objects. It’s much like the magic shop from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only with a more enchanted forest look. It’s really neat.

There are two different adventures that revolve around this shop. The first is about Jonathon Cooper III (John Terrence), who is an egotistical columnist. He and his wife Madeline (Patricia Sansone) visit the shop. Jonathon tries to expose it as a fake, even though it isn’t. Meanwhile, Madeline is unable to conceive. Zurella gives her a wishing stone to make a wish on.

As proof that the magic is real, Merlin lends Jonathon his magic book and warns him not to mess around with it. So what does he do next? That’s right. Jonathon uses the magic book to do simple spells and they work. Not only does it convince Jonathon that Merlin’s magic is real, he also gets addicted. Uh oh, big mistake. Magic is not something to play with, especially if you’re an amateur.

The next story is about a toy monkey with an unknown demon that was imprisoned inside of it. One night a thief breaks into Merlin’s shop, steals the monkey, and sells it. Now Merlin has to find that monkey before it causes any trouble.

During the drastic search, the toy monkey ends up in a household as a birthday gift for a young boy named Michael (Struan Robertson). It seems friendly at first, but strange things begin to happen. Every time the monkey claps its symbols, something dies. It starts with the houseplants then some animals. The only one who is suspicious is Michael’s father, David (Bob Mendelsohn).

After speaking with a fortuneteller, David now knows that the toy monkey is evil and has to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy because it keeps coming back like a killer doll. At least from David’s perspective. It gets real exciting when the monkey possesses the house. It can also cause thunderstorms and earthquakes when threatened. Hopefully, Merlin can retrieve it soon before it starts killing people.

This was an interesting movie, even if it was one of those films you’d find on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Come to think of it, I wonder if this was originally a pilot for a TV series that didn’t make it. Merlin has many magical items with a story behind each one. You just never know what Merlin will do next.