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Oct 222014


I figured there would be another sequel to this franchise, and here it is Resident Evil: Retribution. Taking place where the last movie left off, Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues her battle against the Umbrella Corporation and zombie outbreak. However, it starts out confusing.

First it shows a major battle in reverse. Then after Alice brings us all up to date throughout the first four films, the same battle is shown, as it should be. That would’ve worked better to not show the reverse version at all.

Then the story suddenly switches completely. Alice is a suburban housewife and has a deaf daughter named Becky (Aryana Engineer). It just a typical day, until the zombies start attacking from everywhere. Alice manages to get Becky to safety, but she doesn’t use any of her skills as though she had none.

The story jumps yet again. This time Alice wakes up in an Umbrella base. She is held captive with no idea on what became of her surviving allies. By this point, I begin to wonder where this movie is going due to the lack of consistency.

Things become clearer when Alice escapes the cell and fights approaching zombies with her awesome kick butt moves. Now that’s the Resident Evil franchise I remember.

Alice’s only ally at this point is Ada Wong (Li Bingbing), a former Umbrella operative. She helps Alice get through the facility in order to escape, but it won’t be easy. The base is huge with large simulations of Tokyo, New York, Moscow, and Suburbia, populated by clones and zombies.

The most recognizable clones were the ones of Rain (Michelle Rodriguez). It’s nice to know that she returns after the first movie.

Luckily, there’s a strike team outside the base, led by Luther West (Boris Kodjoe). Remember him from the last movie? They have set a bomb to blow up the whole place in two hours, so they’re on the clock to look for Alice and Ada and get out.

Among the monsters Alice and Ada encounter is the axeman with the homemade axe/sledgehammer. The only difference now is that there are two of them. The battle was intense, but Alice and Ada survive. You’d think that Alice would come up with something wittier to say than, “Hey, boys. Bad idea.”

Of course that’s nothing compared to the new giant monster called the Uber Licker. Now that is one freaky grotesque creature. There’s no mention of how it was created. I can only imagine.

This was an exciting sequel with a great amount of zombie killing action. It seems that Umbrella is never going to give up on going after Alice, no matter how many times she defeats them. I wonder what’s next in store for her.