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Oct 202010

For my 200th post, I’d like to talk about my most favorite Dracula movie. Mel Brooks teams up with Leslie Neilsen, who plays the lead in this spoof on the story of Dracula called Dracula – Dead and Loving It. It starts when a London solicitor named Thomas Renfield (Peter MacNichol) heads to the Count’s castle. Then he becomes Dracula’s crazy slave, who eats all the insects. “Lives! Lives!” While Renfield sleeps, two sexy vampire women enter the room and try to make out with him. I don’t know how they can turn their floating skill on and off, but it works.

There are plenty of doctor gags in this film also. Dr. Seward (Harvey Korman) thinks that enemas are the best cure for all of his patients and as Professor Van Helsing (Mel Brooks) gives an autopsy lecture to a group of medical students, he hopes that they all pass out, which was hilarious.

When Dracula turns into a bat, his face is still the same, but with giant bat ears. Once he finally gets into the bedroom and bites the lovely Lucy Westenra (Lysette Anthony), it’s like he’s drinking a soft drink. Soon Lucy becomes a sexy vampire. When she’s slayed, we learn an important lesson; If a vampire just ate before you slay it, make sure you wear a poncho and put plenty of newspapers down.

After that, Dracula goes after Dr. Seward’s daughter, Mina (Amy Yasbeck, who played Maid Marian on Robin Hood: Men in Tights). “No hickeys.” As they dance in front of a mirror, it looks like Mina is flying. It’s amazing.

This was another great Mel Brooks classic movie. It’s strange that it was the last major spoof film he made, at least that I know of.

Sep 222010

Mel Brooks has done it again. Cary Elwes plays the lead in this classic spoof of Robin Hood called Robin Hood – Men in Tights. I can tell that this film was based on several other movie versions. Back in high school, I did a whole Robin Hood unit in English class by watching three other movie versions, one right after the other, and comparing them.

One scene I found hilarious was when Robin and Little John (Eric Allan Kramer) fight with staffs over that tiny bridge, which is a classic one on one battle. The staffs kept breaking, but that doesn’t stop them. Then Little John falls in the “river”. Another exciting scene was when Robin and his comrades fight off all of those guards at Prince John’s (Richard Lewis) party, including all of those knights that surround the Great Hall. Dominos!

No Robin Hood story would be complete without the archery contest as a way to trap our hero. There’s a lot of audience approval as Robin is revealed with the wave and the chop.

The Sheriff’s (Roger Rees) first name is actually revealed in this version when he tries to marry Maid Marian (Amy Yasbeck). No wonder he’s only known as “Sheriff”.

This is definitely one of my most favorite spoof films. Mel Brooks has really outdone himself with his comedy and song writing for this classic.