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Nov 182015

It was so awesome to attend Rangerstop last weekend. Many of the same Power Ranger actors from last year were there along with some new ones from the original series.

Among the new ones was David Fielding who played Zordon. He’s the wise mentor that’s all knowing and is the provider of the morphers and zords. The rangers would be lost without Zordon.

Another Power Rangers actor I met was Melody Perkins. She was Astronoma the main villain on Power Rangers in Space, who was actually a brainwashed alien girl named Karone.

Melody was so sweet. When I was getting her autograph I thought of the battle scene in Countdown to Destruction, Part 2 between Astronoma and Andros the Red Ranger and asked her if she did all of her own stunts since it was the kind of fight scene that the stunt people normally do. She said she did and coincidentally she had recently watched that episode, remembering all the sparks flying as well as the turnout before Karone became good again and eventually becoming the new Pink Ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Much of the cosplay was very authentic, like this one of Zordon with a miniature command center.

Now here’s something interesting. Five years ago at Anime Festival Orlando 2010 David Yost, who was Billy the Blue Ranger, had a Q&A panel and was giving away prizes for whoever had the best questions. At that panel I won a rare photo of David wearing the Rita Repulsa wig, but didn’t get the chance for him to autograph it because the line was already full long before the panel was over.

Since David Yost was at Rangerstop, I brought it over to have it autographed. He remembered that panel and noticed that the photo was still in good shape. That was because I had it framed. Now it’s going back on the wall for sure.

I even got a photo with Alycia Purrot who was Sydney the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers SPD. This version was celebrating its tenth anniversary with a cast reunion.

I had a wonderful time at this convention, which also included a hilarious Q&A panel with the stars of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo. I’m sure that Rangerstop can only get better each year.