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Feb 082012

Based on the short-lived animated series, Charlize Theron stars as top assassin Aeon Flux. In the year 2415, the world’s population is confined in a city governed by the Goodchild regime. As long as everyone obeys them and stays in the city, they will have freedom, or they disappear.

There are rebels called monicans, who want to overthrow this dictatorship. Aeon is one of them. She receives each assignment with some kind of magic pill that mentally sends her to her superior, Handler (Frances McDormand), and still manages to focus where her body is while walking to her destination. That’s amazing. And I thought the Jetsons had conveniences with various pills.

Trevor Goodchild is the leader of the Goodchild regime and is played by Marton Csokas. I remember him best as Braiyus from Xena: Warrior Princess.

Aeon shows some really smooth skills. She can crawl as fast as she can run and can slip in and out of tight spots with ease. It makes you wonder where she learned all that.

Sithandra (Sophie Okonedo, who I remember best as the Wachati Princess from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls) is also an interesting character. She has hands in place of her feet, which helps her keep up with Aeon. Talk about monkey feet.

Aeon is also witty. Sithandra thinks she should also consider the extra hands, but Aeon turns down the offer because she likes her shoes. There’s also a point where Aeon and Trevor quickly run past some gunfire. As Aeon tends to Trevor’s bullet wounds, all she can say is, “Did any of them manage to miss you?” Doesn’t she realize that bullets are hard to dodge?

Aeon has all sorts of hidden contraptions all over her body. Things like an eye that can help her see thing microscopically, a mini test tube in the heel of her shoe, and a radio in her head that makes her ear blink. I don’t know if those were built into Aeon like Inspector Gadget, or easy to place like James Bond. Either way, it’s proven useful.

The relationship between Aeon and Trevor tends to go from archenemies to lovers. The reason for that is revealed in this movie. All I can say is that it’s unlike anything the series has shown.

This was a good movie with plenty of smooth action. At least it’s now easier to determine who Aeon’s allies are.

Jan 312011

Another classic MTV animated series from the 90s was Aeon Flux – The Complete Animated Collection (1995-1996). Even though shows on MTV are well known for their brand of humor, this one is far from humorous. It’s more like a sci-fi drama.

Aeon Flux is a secret agent, who dresses like a dominatrix and has the cat-like skills of Violet from Ultraviolet. In a futuristic city, she engages in a never-ending struggle against the corruption of her arch nemesis/lover Trevor Goodchild.

Some of the situations involve some pretty sick stuff. Things like turning a man’s abdomen into a private bedroom and robotic consciences made of wire insert themselves into people’s navels. That almost makes me want to cringe. I don’t care if it’s only a cartoon.

Aside from Aeon and Trevor, it’s difficult to tell who is on which side. It tends to start with Aeon having an ally, then he/she suddenly turns on her, or kills other innocents. You never see it coming until near the end of the episode. There are even times when Aeon gets killed, but she somehow always manages to survive in the next episode.

This was a good series, even though it only lasted for a short time. It took me awhile to figure out that the Aeon Flux logo of the fly caught in eyelashes represents Aeon’s skill and quick reflexes. How clever that is.