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Power Rangers


During the 90s, one of my most favorite TV shows was the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These high school students have exciting adventures defending the world from evil space monsters and learning important life lessons in the process.

The Power Rangers continue to be huge favorites of mine. In fact, I was a bit of a collector back in the day and I still have some of the classic merchandise. Does anyone remember this stuff?

Remember when the Power Rangers were everywhere? From school supplies to cupcake liners – here are some other items I collected. Morphenomenal!

It’s Morphin’ Time!  Check out my previous posts about meeting some of the Power Ranger actors in person.

My Power Ranger Convention Posts

 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers / with Steve Cardenas and Jason David Frank at FX Convention 2008

Cerina Vincent from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Jason David Frank & David Yost at AFO11 

Tony Oliver- Power Rangers writer & voice of Saba

Power Rangers Stuntmen Demonstration

Johnny Yong Bosch & more at AFO12

Jason Narvy at AFO13

Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, & Tony Oliver at AFO14

Nakia Burrise at Rangerstop 2013

Richard Horvitz at MegaCon 2014 & Robert Axelrod at Omni Expo 2014

Austin St. John, Walter Jones, and more at Rangerstop 2014

David Fielding, Melody Perkins, and more at Rangerstop 2015

Kevin Duhaney at Omni Expo 2016

AY YI YI! Check These Out!

Power Rangers SNES Game

Power Rangers Movie SNES Game

Power Rangers Movie Sega Genesis Game

Power Rangers Christmas Special

Power Rangers Playstation 2 Game

Power Rangers Zeo CD-ROM Game

Power Rangers Make-A-Movie CD-ROM

Classic Power Rangers Albums

Other Power Rangers Soundtracks

Evil Power Ranger Clones

Bulk and Skull

Power Rangers Display at Disney World

Super Sentai


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