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Jan 232012

As many Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans know, the series lasted for seven seasons and continues in the comic books. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) brings these comics to DVD. Originally, the series left off with all of the potential slayers having equal power to Buffy and Faith. Then after defeating the Hellmouth of Sunnydale, there was a choice for Buffy to either retire or continue fighting evil, which was left unanswered.

The motion comic starts with that answer. Buffy does continue as the slayer with the whole Scooby gang stationed in different parts of the world. Buffy and Xander lead Command Central in Scotland, Andrew is in Southern Italy, Giles is in England, and so on and so forth. Each of them leads a group of slayers as a squad, continuing to fight the good fight against evil supernatural beings.

The fight scenes are still as exciting as ever. Buffy battles demons, vampires, and other dangerous beasts, but now her tactics are different because she runs her attack squad like a military operation. However, the slayer squads are separate from the U.S. Military. So does that make the slayer squads a bunch of vigilantes, or what?

Xander meanwhile, stays at the base in charge of the records and keeps in contact with the squads through computer systems, satellites, and psychics.

The monsters aren’t the only trouble Buffy has to think about. Her sister Dawn has become a giant after dating a guy who turned out to be a demon called a Thrisewise. Willow, who can now fly easily, does what she can to help Dawn out. In the meantime, everyone tries to make the most of this “giant” situation.

Although Buffy and the gang battle new enemies, there are some old characters that return also and not whom I would have expected to return. Deep inside the crater where Sunnydale used to be, there resides Amy the witch and Warren. Willow had skinned Warren completely a while back, but Amy used her magic to keep him alive. Now Amy and Warren both want revenge on Buffy. How the two of them got together is anybody’s guess.

In case you were wondering where Faith was, she’s in Cleveland and still as rebellious as ever. Unfortunately, Faith doesn’t lead a slayer squad like the others. She’s a loner and merely, what she calls, a “go-to girl for dirty deeds done cheap”, and wants out. Giles puts her on a solo mission, which came with yet another squabble with Buffy.

Of course every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has an ultimate monster Buffy and the gang must battle to prevent an apocalypse. This time it’s a new villain named Twilight and his legion of unstoppable Japanese vampires, who seek to destroy every slayer on Earth, with the assistance of Warren and Amy.

I enjoyed this motion comic. Buffy and the gang have come a long way over the years and are still going strong, despite that none of the original actors from the series reprise their roles. I wonder if the franchise is still continuing in the comics.

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