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Jan 182012

Welcome back. As the Power Rangers franchise progressed, so did the albums. The next one was the soundtrack for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The songs were featured on both the movie and the TV series.

The Mighty RAW, who performed all of the tracks on the first Power Rangers album, perform some of the songs, but the main band featured is a group called Super Power. As far as I’m concerned, both bands rock.

As it turns out, only the first half of the album is from Power Rangers Turbo. That provides an opportunity to also include the songs from Power Rangers Zeo because that show didn’t get a soundtrack album of its own.

At this point, it looked as if the Power Rangers albums had discontinued. The only other album to come along afterward was The Best of the Power Rangers that was released in 2003.

Most of the tracks are some of the same songs on the Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie soundtrack, but also include some new ones like the theme from Power Rangers Wild Force. For some reason, there’s no mention of the bands that perform on this album.

These Power Rangers albums are classics just like the other earlier ones. It’s too bad they left out the sound bytes from the series this time.

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