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Jan 162012

Part of what made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a huge favorite was the rock music. Whether the rangers are fighting putty patrollers in the park or fighting monsters in their zords, the music in the background always helped make those scenes exciting.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure is the ultimate TV soundtrack. It not only has the exciting songs, which were all performed by The Mighty RAW. The album also uses various sound bytes from the series to feature it as a story.

The story starts with Rita Repulsa sending down the Hatchasaurus monster. He then gets defeated and Lord Zedd arrives to send Rita off into space and take charge. Lord Zedd sends his new and improved putty patrollers to attack Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy). Then it’s the Power Rangers to the rescue.

Next, Lord Zedd creates the Pirantishead monster to attack the city of Angel Grove. In another area, another monster attacks and Tommy (Jason David Frank) the Green Ranger fights him with the Dragonzord. It isn’t enough to stop the monster, so the other rangers are sent to help Tommy stop it.

After that, Green Ranger is pulled out of the battle and the other rangers go after Pirantishead with their zords. On the series, Pirantishead was defeated by the new thunderzords, but in this story, the Ultrazord was enough.

With the battle over, the album ends with a glimpse of the future White Ranger. So Tommy gets two theme songs now?

The music of Power Rangers continues to rock with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie soundtrack. It’s not really much different than any other movie soundtrack album though.


These Power Rangers albums are real classics. It’s the kind of music that really captures the imagination. In fact, there were music videos on certain Mighty Morphin Power Rangers VHS cassettes. The Mighty RAW isn’t featured in the videos. They only contain a montage of random clips from season one.

These aren’t the only albums from this franchise. I’ll be talking about the other albums in part 2. Power Rangers rule!

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