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Jan 062012

I had never seen a motion comic before until I saw Astonishing X-Men – Gifted (Marvel Knights). It’s so amazing how it was all put together with comic book images brought to life as the story unfolds.

In this feature, Professor Xavier is on sabbatical and had left Cyclops in charge along with Emma Frost, a former villain who can read and control minds. The rest of the X-Men team consists of Beast, Wolverine, and Kitty Pride, who is a mutant that can walk though walls.

As much as the X-Men want to continue as a superhero team, there’s plenty of friction between them. With Jean Grey dead, Cyclops now sleeps with Emma. Kitty doesn’t trust Emma because she remembers when Emma was a villain and what she’s capable of. And of course, Wolverine is still just Wolverine.

Cyclops relates the X-Men team with the Avengers and the Fantastic 4. He comes to the conclusion that the reason nobody hates those superhero groups is because they wear superhero costumes. So Cyclops suggests new outfits like Wolverine’s yellow spandex, Cyclops’s blue tights, and Beast’s new shorts.

The main villain the X-Men face in this adventure is an alien named Ord, who has a blade weapon that can slice through anything. After rescuing a group of innocent people from Ord, the press still doesn’t see the X-Men as heroes even with the new outfits. Despite the results, the X-Men still use the superhero costumes on their missions.

Meanwhile, geneticist Dr. Rao has developed a cure to make mutants normal. After she goes public about it, the X-Men have a difficult time trying to figure out if Dr. Rao should use it. However, Beast is actually interested and decides to analyze a sample from Dr. Rao to see if it really works.

After Beast finishes analyzing the cure, he discovers that it’s not only real, it was actually experimented on the bodies of dead mutants. The X-Men decide to go back to the lab, but only for re-con, despite that Wolverine would rather destroy the place. You know Wolverine, he’s the type that would rather shoot first and ask questions later.

While searching the building, Kitty discovers an underground complex. She explores on her own and finds Colossus. Kitty eventually brings him back up after getting some rest. It will take every ounce of energy she has to do so.

Now that the X-Men know too much, Ord takes off with all of Dr. Rao’s research in his spaceship, but not if Wolverine has anything to say about it.

This is an excellent six-chapter motion comic, which was written by Joss Whedon. In a future post, I’ll be talking about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 motion comic, also written by Joss Whedon.

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