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Nov 282011

With the newest Muppet movie The Muppets now out in theaters, one of the main things I noticed was that many of the old Muppet characters return for they haven’t been seen in years. Ones like Thog the giant blue monster, Uncle Deadly, the Muppet Newsman, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Strangepork, Marvin Suggs, and singing duo Wayne & Wanda. They were all Muppet Show classics back in the day.

As a Muppet fan, I also happen to remember some other old Muppet characters from various features and specials with old footage. Here are some of my favorite rare Muppets.

Taminella Grinderfall: She’s a classic Muppet witch, who was only featured as the main wicked witch in some of the Muppet fairytale specials from the 60s and early 70s. Taminella is powerful, but has a comedic persona when putting up with silly ogres like Sweetums and Charlie.

King Goshposh: He’s another classic fairytale Muppet. Goshposh has had several different names, but is always featured as the king, naturally. He’s a laid back kind of ruler, who loves parties and presents. Goshposh started as a regular sized Muppet back in the 60s. Then later on, he became one of the larger Muppet characters until his final appearance on The Muppet Show when he was in a sketch with guest star Twiggy.

Featherstone: This sophisticated Muppet was always featured as the king’s royal advisor, but was later remade as a queen during his appearances on The Muppet Show. The change was pretty odd at first, but every king does need a queen.

Splurge: There have been quite a few large Muppet monsters over the years. Splurge was the very first one created. He has a tendency to crash through walls while trying to get anywhere. I guess it’s because he’s not bright enough to use a door. Splurge also loves radishes, even though we never actually see him eat any.

Wilkins & Wotkins: Back in the 50s and early 60s, these two made many coffee commercials together as a comedy duo. Wilkins loves the coffee and Wotkins doesn’t. So Wilkins uses every trick in the book to make him like it, even blow him up with a cannon.

Miss Mousey: Do you remember the old folk song, Froggy Went a Courtin’? This girl mouse was first created as the Miss Mousey character when the song was featured on The Muppets Valentine Show special. Of course Kermit was the Froggy, which would explain his relationship with her. After that, Miss Mousey made appearances on The Muppet Show during the first two seasons as a singer and as Kermit’s dance partner during the At the Dance segments. Whether Kermit still has feelings for Miss Mousey is unknown.

Annie Sue Pig: In season three of The Muppet Show, she was included among the regulars as a young singer. Miss Piggy only saw Annie Sue as a threat because she’s young and cute. However, Annie Sue is totally modest about her own success and admires Miss Piggy. After The Muppet Show ended, Annie Sue completely disappeared off the radar. What could’ve happened to her?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster: This was the first Muppet character to be featured on The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1966. It starts out as a tiny piece of fur and grows into a three-headed monster that totally rocks while singing Rock it to Me. After the song ends, the monster shrinks back down, only to be eaten by a Muppet bird. Talk about a one-hit wonder.

Floating Face: This character is definitely one of the most unique Muppet oddities. He also goes by the names “Nobody” and “Limbo”. It makes sense because he’s only a pair of eyes and a mouth and only appears in eerie graphical sketches and short films that are totally old school. Here is one of those sketches from Sesame Street (circa 1971) that I found on YouTube. I can only imagine what that face could really look like behind those shadows.

All Characters from Muppet Musicians of Bremen: They include Leroy the donkey, T.R. the rooster, Rover Joe the dog, Cutgut the cat, and four human Muppets, Mordecai Sledge, Lardpork, Mean Floyd, and Caleb Siles. These characters were all made specifically for that TV special.

It’s the same principle with all of the characters on Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. Although some of the animal characters from both specials made appearances on The Muppet Show, they were only featured as extra chorus members.

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