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Sep 192011

Welcome to MegaKat City, where the entire population is a variety of cats that act human. However, the city is filled with crime and corruption. The superhero duo protecting it is T-Bone and Razor, also known as the Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron – The Complete Series (1993-1995).

They fly an advanced aircraft called the Turbo Kat, which has many different types of missiles. It makes the SWAT Kats more prepared than Batman and his vehicles.

Of course, no one knows who the SWAT Kats are. When not saving the world T-Bone and Razor, under the identities of Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, work as mechanics.

T-Bone and Razor were once jet pilots, who worked for MegaKat City’s paramilitary law enforcement agency called the Enforcers. Their leader, Commander Feral, discharged them for disobedience and crash landing into their headquarters, even though it was really Feral’s fault that it happened. T-Bone and Razor were transferred to the salvage yard to pay for all the damages, which will take a long time to completely pay off. Luckily, they collected many parts and weapons there.

Commander Feral still leads the Enforcers and only thinks of the SWAT Kats as vigilantes, no matter how helpful they are. Feral will look for any excuse to arrest the SWAT Kats and unmask them, which makes him a constant nuisance. However, Feral does have a good sense of justice when fighting evil. You’ve got to respect him for that.

To many of the other citizens, the SWAT Kats are heroes. Their main ally is Deputy Major Calico “Callie” Briggs, who always warns the SWAT Kats of any danger that threatens the city with a radio communicator. She always believes that the SWAT Kats will succeed where the Enforcers can’t.

Another main ally is Ann Gora the star reporter for Kats Eye News. She’s usually on the scene when the SWAT Kats are in action, which is great for their reputation, despite Feral’s negative statements.

With superheroes there are always colorful super villains. Here are some of the main ones.

Dr. Viper is a mad scientist that is half cat and half snake. His most favorite things to create are evil plant life.

Pastmaster is an undead sorcerer, who can easily travel through time and is intent on bringing the world back to the Dark Ages.

Hard Drive is a technological thief with a surge coat that can manipulate anything powered by electricity. Where he got such an advanced contraption remains unknown.

The Metallikats are indestructible robots with the souls of husband and wife criminals Mac and Molly Mange. The two of them drowned while escaping from an island prison. Luckily, they were rescued by scientist Professor Hackle by having their brains transferred into robot bodies. Hackle wanted them to be good, but Mac and Molly have other plans.

Then there’s the most dangerous villain of all, Dark Kat. He’s an evil warlord with a dark demonic presence. Dark Kat is also manipulative when it comes to targeting the SWAT Kats’ self-confidence. Coincidently, Dark Kat was the criminal T-Bone and Razor went up against just before Feral booted them from the force.

I enjoyed this edgy series with explosive action. I say “explosive” because most of the crime fighting is done with lasers, missiles, and rockets, both inside and outside the Turbo Kat. Most animated cats are known for their comedy and cuteness, but I should warn you. You won’t find much of that on this show.

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