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Aug 082011

Anime Festival Orlando returns for another great year. Once again most of the celebrity guests are stars from the Power Rangers franchise, which makes it even more exciting.

Some of the Power Rangers stars I got to meet include Blake Foster, who was Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger, and Dan Southworth, who was Eric the Quantum Ranger.

Then I met Johnny Yong Bosch, who was one of the original classics, Adam the Black Ranger. He wasn’t very talkative, but came up with a clever idea for the photo. It was to look as if we were morphing.

It's morphin time

 The same Power Rangers magazine I took to Anime Festival Orlando last year now has another autograph.

Later, I met Wendee Lee who is best known as the voice of Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

I remember her best as the voice of Scorpina from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Wendee had an interesting story about why Scorpina didn’t last on the series. Originally, Scorpina was a fan favorite and the studio wanted to make her a bigger character. After running out of Scorpina footage used in season one, they tried to look for the original Japanese actress (Ami Kawai) to shoot more scenes. Unfortunately, she could not be found.

There was an attempt to bring Scorpina back during season two, but another actress (Sabrina Lu) played her. It must not have worked out because Scorpina disappeared completely after the one episode, even though the rangers didn’t destroy her.


Anime Festival Orlando 2011 also had a great amount of Cosplay, which included this group of Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and Kuma from Afro Samurai.

This was only part of what this great convention had to offer. Check my blog real soon about some of the other amazing events.

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