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Jul 062011

TMNT is the latest installment of the movie franchise. In this CGI animated adventure, the turtles are up against some ancient monsters. But first, they each must overcome difficulties within their own family before facing these dangerous foes.

Master Splinter had sent Leonardo to Central America so he would grow into a better leader. This causes trouble with the others. Donatello struggles with his job in tech support and Michelangelo entertains at children’s birthday parties, where kids like to beat him up for fun.

Here is an ornament of Mikey’s vechicle.

Raphael is the most affected because he knows that a crime fighter’s work is never done. So he secretly goes out at night as a vigilante superhero called the Night Watcher. When Leo returns he tries to get the team back together, but fails. It’s mostly because of Raph’s rebelliousness.

Meanwhile the Foot Clan, led by the Shedder’s adopted daughter Karai (voice of Ziyi Zhang), gathers the 13 monsters that are running loose in the city in order to complete a ritual to open a portal to another world and revive a group of stone Generals of their immortality. Apparently the Generals really want to dominate the world.

Soon, Leo goes after the Night Watcher. It gets real exciting as the chase goes on and the two of them fight each other, even after Leo reveals Raph’s identity. Although Raph wins the fight, he feels like he had lost, big time. Raph realizes the error of his ways and goes through a self-doubt phase. After a pep talk with Splinter, the team finally comes together.

With a little help from Casey Jones (voice of Chris Evans) and April O’Neil (voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar), the turtles fight their way past the Foot Clan and confront those stone Generals. Who’d have thought that April knew how to fight with a samurai sword.

This was a great film with a combination of action and redemption. How interesting that the big stars voice the supporting roles instead of the turtles themselves. Of course, this movie still would have done well either way.

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