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Jul 022011

Back in 1996 when Power Rangers started its fourth season, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had changed to Power Rangers Zeo. Unlike many of the other versions, this change was actually gradual.

When the Command Center was destroyed along with the power coins, Zordon and Alpha reveal a hidden chamber and a new power source for the rangers called the Zeo crystal. Now the rangers are back and better than ever.

Meanwhile on the moon, a new threat arrives to invade Earth. It is the Machine Empire, which is ruled by King Mondo and Queen Manchina. These brutal villains are so dangerous that Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd had to escape with their lives.

As for video games related to this title, the only one that actually sticks to its adventurous roots is Power Rangers Zeo verses the Machine Empire for CD-ROM. In this game, King Mondo snatches the Zeo crystals and hides them in different places on Earth.

The crystals are easy to locate, but a robot monster guards each one. First you have to collect a certain number of little crystals to get to the boss. So you’re left to look for them all over the place, which can be a real pain sometimes. However, it’s easy to find a little crystal when you defeat an enemy cog.


There’s also no morphing in this game. The only real difference between any of the rangers is that the males use spinning back kicks and the females use handstand front spring kicks and jump a little higher. That can be useful in some situations, including boss battles. There’s also ranger info about each one, but it really doesn’t apply during game play.

As for life meters, you have all five rangers to risk and they can slowly recover when they’re standing still and not getting attacked. After a few levels, you rescue the Gold Ranger, which increases your chances of winning the game by one extra life meter.

Once all five Zeo crystals have been recovered, the rangers infiltrate King Mondo’s factory palace, which has three areas and two bosses. It sounds simple, but you still have to collect little crystals to get to the next area. With all of the Zeo crystals found, it feels like a rip off.

Then it ends with a final showdown against King Mondo with the Zeo Megazord. Unfortunately, you only get one life meter instead of six. That’s what makes it the toughest battle of all.

This was a good game for its time. Though I must admit, it’s not as good as the Power Rangers games for the Super NES, but it still remains classic with other Power Rangers memorabilia.

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