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Nov 022009
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: The Complete Series (1990-1991) premiered around the same time as the video game first premiered. I’m pretty sure that was why the video game was number one on the charts. I looked forward to this show on Saturday mornings. In a way, it’s like season two of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Only this time, there are no live action segments and different actors voice Mario, Luigi, and the Princess. What’s also neat is when the curtain opens to reveal each episode title, it shows a screen map from the video game itself. That got me looking forward to playing it again.
The worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom are more like the video game. However, some episodes also take place in the world of humans, known on this show as the Real World (Not the MTV version). Before, Mario and Luigi were stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now they can go home and come back at any time. It’s nice that they chose to stay with the Princess as King Koopa still tries to take over her kingdom.
Among the new characters were King Koopa’s seven Koopa kids. Odd thing is that all seven of their names are different from what they are in the video game. I don’t understand why. All those kids and King Koopa is still single? I guess, if you think about it, Koopa’s castle is always in World 8. And for video game purposes, he needed guardians for Worlds 1-7. But that can’t be the only reason to adopt that many kids, could it?

With each episode, I became thrilled when I saw any of the new power-ups and new enemies from the video game for the first time. Too bad the show never featured the Tanooki suit or the Hammer Bros. suit. That would’ve been cool. Princess Toadstool is less of a damsel in distress than she was last season. She and Toad even use the power-ups, like the Super leafs and Frog suits, more than once.

It’s classic TV shows like these that help bring video game characters to such an iconic status. Isn’t it great?

This also brings me back to when I was a Super Mario Bros. merchandise collector.

Mario Action Figures

It started when the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game first came out and McDonalds had these four classic happy meal toys available.

Soon after, my collection grew. It includes figurines, pencil sharpeners, keychains, graphic novels, coloring books.  Even those little candy containers.  I remember getting most of this stuff on my 12th birthday, including the trunk.

Mario KeychainsMario Trunk

The dolls I found at a couple of different conventions.

Okay, it’s not as big of a collection compared to what some fans have. You’ve got to admit, the display looks good from this viewpoint. These may only be bookshelves, but they make great apartments for my action figures.

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  1. I wish somebody would show galleries of the full pages of the Super Mario Coloring Books.

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