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Mar 042011

One of the cleverest foes in the Super Mario Bros. franchise is Lakitu. He hides up in the clouds with his unlimited supply of spiny eggs, which he throws down at Mario and Luigi. Once the eggs hit the ground, they become spinys, one of the first enemies that can’t be stomped on. There’s quite an evolution with Lakitu as well.

1985: Lakitu makes his debut on the original Super Mario Bros. game in level 4-1. Originally I thought he was just a cloud that follows you everywhere you go while throwing the spiny eggs and is happy about it. Then I later realized that Lakitu is a turtle riding the happy faced cloud. He can be killed in one stomp, but it’s difficult to reach him at the top of the screen. And if that weren’t bad enough, no matter how many times you take out Lakitu, he always comes back as if there was more than one.

1989: On The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Lakitu is boss of the clouds. Not only does he have spiny eggs, but his cloud also makes rain and lightning. However, Lakitu was only in one episode, where he was helping King Red Baron Koopa take over Pasta Land.

1990: Lakitu returns in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game, not only with red spiny eggs, but also green ones that don’t hatch, but are just as deadly. I never figured out where Lakitu gets his spiny eggs from, unless he lays them himself.

1990: Lakitu makes an appearance on the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon series also, but only in one episode for a couple of seconds during a chase scene. I think he deserved a little more recognition than that.

1991: Next in the Super Mario World game, a new feature after defeating Lakitu is that you can snatch his cloud and ride in it. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a short time. Another new feature is that Lakitu fishes for Mario with a 1up mushroom as bait. I wonder if that was the inspiration behind Fishin’ Boo.

1992: When the Super Mario Kart franchise came along, Lakitu held the starter light and flags for the races. That’s been his job on every Mario Kart game, including Mario Kart Wii. He has a birds eye view of every race up on that cloud.

1993: On The Lost Levels game in Super Mario All-Stars, Lakitu’s skills are the same as the original Super Mario Bros. game. All that’s new is that he comes and goes throughout the levels as if he only wanted to attack in certain areas. Could it be a new strategy, or is he just getting soft.

1996: I guess the Mario Kart experiences might have led to a possible change of heart, because on Super Mario 64 Lakitu shadows Mario with a camera throughout the adventure without any interference. That would explain the camera angle options.

2006: Lakitu is only labeled as an annoying enemy that attacks from a cloud on Super Princess Peach, but that’s putting it lightly. This time his spiny eggs blow up like bob-bombs, when they hit. On occasion he sleeps calmly until he’s woken up by Princess Peach’s presence. At least Lakitu is reachable more often.

2006: As the Mario Bros. go back to their roots on New Super Mario Bros. DS, so does Lakitu with his even spikier spiny eggs. At the castle in World 7, Lakitu becomes a boss called Lakithunder. He rides a dark cloud that shoots lightning, which gives him more of an edge.

2009: Of course, like other common enemies, Lakitu returns again in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This time there can be more than one of him attacking at once. The spinys are different also. Yoshi used to eat them easily, but now they’re as hard to swallow as turtle shells. What did Lakitu do to those spinys to make them so tasteless?

As long as King Bowser Koopa continues to try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with his various minions, Lakitu will always be there to back him up with air support, no matter how many of him there is.

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