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Feb 212011

Those turtles are at it again in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. It turns out that the Shredder really is gone for good. However, a new adventure occurs. A time travel adventure, that is. After the turtles finish a rockin workout session in the lair, April (Paige Turco) pays them a visit bringing gifts. One of those gifts happens to be a magic scepter, which sends April to Japan in the year 1603.

Once Donatello figures out how the scepter works, the turtles use it to go after April. However, for each person who goes back, someone else from the past comes to the present. Since that would be a problem, the turtles bring Casey Jones (Elias Koteas) to help Splinter keep the strangers out of trouble. Casey is disappointed at first, but he gets through to them… with pro hockey on TV. Well, that’s one way to make friends.

When the turtles arrive in ancient Japan, Mikey gets separated from the others and loses the scepter. Leo, Raph, and Don manage to rescue April from a dungeon, but they face a new threat from villains, Walker (Stuart Wilson) a British gun master and Lord Norinaga (Sab Shimono) a top Samurai.

The battle scenes are more comedic than ever. I find it very interesting that they take place in such an amazing setting. The turtles mention quite a few pop culture references throughout the movie. It just shows how witty they all are.

April and the turtles soon find the rebellion, which is led by the beautiful warrior Mitsu (Vivian Wu), and join up with them. They also enjoy a peaceful time in the village and find Mikey, but still need to find the scepter and stop Walker and Norinaga from conquering Japan.

Another flaw in the scepter is that it only works once every 12 hours over a course of three days. The turtles and April have to get back home, or risk being stuck in the past forever.

This third installment is terrific. It has great ninja battles, a rockin soundtrack, and witty humor. The turtles sure know how to embrace their heritage in this adventure.

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