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Jan 102011

We all know about the very first three Super Mario Bros. games originally for the NES. In 1993, the Super NES released Super Mario All-Stars, which featured these Super Mario Bros. games plus a fourth called Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels all in one.

The original NES titles were all the same except that the graphics were more improved and the sound effects are more like the ones on Super Mario World. The Lost Levels game seemed new because it wasn’t released in America back when it was originally made in 1986. I must admit, that game is very challenging, even if you are a pro with the other three Super Mario Bros. games.

This past Christmas, Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition was released for the Nintendo Wii and I looked forward to playing it. This newer version of Super Mario All-Stars is exactly the same as the one for the Super NES, and the game play is the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. At first that sounded very helpful, then I find out that there’s a delay, which makes the control very awkward. We all know that you can’t have delays with button control while playing a video game, especially when it comes to running and jumping. It can only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Overall, I think it’s nice to bring these nostalgic Super Mario Bros. games back for the Nintendo Wii, but sometimes old and new technologies can be a bit of a struggle when combined.

It’s not a total loss though. The game also comes with an album, which features title soundtracks and sound effects from the various Super Mario Bros. games, and a Super Mario History booklet about the basic designs of the different games including commentary from some of the creators. This is very unique as part of a 25th anniversary limited edition. Technically, Mario has been around for about 30 years and still going strong. What’s next for this iconic plumber hero? Only time will tell.

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